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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Ruth asks…

Where can find cheap Mexico resort packages?

Where in Mexico is the cheapest resorts?

Tijuana answers:

Look into Funjet’s last minute program. If your flexible and don’t have a specific resort that you want to go to you can’t beat the prices. You won’t know what resort you’re going to stay at until you get there but you can select the type of place (4 star, all inclusive, etc…)

Playa Del Carmen is great if you like a quieter vacation. Cancun is more of a “spring break” type of place. Both are generaly fairly cheap due to lower cost flights.

Sharon asks…

What should you definitely do/see on a trip to Cozumel/ Tulum Mexico?

And recommendations for a hotel? Preferably allinclusive.

Tijuana answers:

The state park Chankanaab is the terrific. Nice beach. Great snorkeling. Gardens, iguanas, turtles. The only downside is that they added a “swim with the dolphins” that really detracted.

San Francisco Beach (Playa San Francisco) is a nice beach area.

Rent a jeep to drive around the island.

Tulum is beautiful. Lots of Mayan history to learn. You take a boat ride to Playa Del Carmen, then bus to Tulum. It is often paired with a stop at Xel-ha, a decent resort.

One nice local restaurant was Ernesto’s Fajita Factory. Sounds corny, but one of the few non-chain places.

Don’t buy black coral jewelry on the beach as it will be junk. Check for cracks, chips, discoloration (lighter brown mixed in), and mismatched sizes. Stores on the water target cruise ship passengers and are very expensive. Things get cheaper as you get away from the water. Sadly they also get less safe more than 4-5 blocks from the water. Take care.

Check out the area around your hotel room before accepting it. One place tried to stick me in a room next to their waste treatment facility.

One very nice (but expensive) all inclusive was El Cozumeleno. Don’t recall the name of the other place I stayed. Beaches are nicer south of the city if that helps you decide.

Paul asks…

Advice on best and most affordable tropical vacation spots?

Looking to vacation with my boyfriend in January or February 2013. We’re not loaded, but we are saving for something special. Any recommendations on cool, affordable, tropical places to visit?

Tijuana answers:

How about a carribean cruise? They are usually cheapest during that season and the ship.includes food and drinks ( but not soda or liquor) just something to consider…llaya del carmen is cheap, beautiful, and great resorts! Its a lil cheaper than cancun but more beautiful! Lots and lots to do in playa del carmen AKA Riviera Maya! And dont let the scary rep of mexicos drug war scare you, this area is generally the safest area in mexico with only very minimal crime. Ive been here many many times and had no problems, generally the crime wars are closer to the border and central mexico. Me and my hubsand went in May and spent about $1800 for roundtrip airfare and 4 nights at an all inclusive resort…i loved it because there is just so much to do in this area, from visiting the mayan ruins, cave snorkeling/exploring, cenotes, under ground rivers, cozumel etc. I highly…ive been to hawaii which I admit waaaay more beautiful than carribean mexico, but I spent less and had waaay more fun in playa del carmen

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