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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Thomas asks…

Have you ever been in Playa del Carmen and Tulum?

Hi everyone, so my family and I are going on the trip to Playa del Carmen, and what I need is just some basic advice/tips/what to watch out for! We are going diving, and we won’t be staying in a full resort, so I was wondering if there are any tips or advice you can give me…
ex. Don’t go here, danger , water issues, good restaurants…etc.

Tijuana answers:

I’m assuming you aren’t staying at an all inclusive when you say you’re not staying at a “full resort”. Good for you! That is the best way to go. There are so many good restaurants all along the Riviera Maya that so many people miss because of the AIs. In PDC, here are some choices:
a. Karens on 5th Avenue- very inexpensive, broad menu, live music, good food
b. Casa del Agua on 5th Avenue- good food, ambiance, a little pricey
There are so many good ones, it’s hard to mention any without knowing the type of food you like.

1. Are you renting a car? You say you are staying in Playa del Carmen but you mention Tulum in your heading. If you are staying at a condo or hotel near PDC, you won’t need a car. In fact for many of the downtown hotels, parking is a big issue.
2. If you do rent a car, make sure you purchase ALL of the insurance. Your regular car insurance won’t cover you and any coverage you may have with VISA or AMEX, will only cover you after you file a claim. I travel to this area a lot an often rent a car. I know the area and I’m comfortable there. But, even still I had a car accident two years ago on the Hwy just north of PDC. It’s very different than in the US. Everything is settled at the scene. The insurance agents, car rental companies, police, and other interested parties all converge on the scene and negotiate the settlement, in Spanish. You want the car rental company to take care of this for you. Buy their insurance.
3. Follow the speed limit and all other traffic laws. You hear people talk about the police “bribes” in Mexico (Mordita in spanish). The fact is they don’t stop you unless you are breaking the law. If you break the law, pay it to the cop in cash. It’s just easier. (those of us that spend a lot of time in the area don’t pay it in cash).
4. You will see an occasional police stop on the highway. There will be military types with rifles. Don’t freak out, they are there to protect you. You will most likely be just waved through. They are doing it to discourage any drug traffic.

If you rent a car, go to Puerto Aventuras. There are about 4 or 5 restaurants in this gated community that are situated around a dolphin pool. Lots of shopping. Nice place

Be sure to go to Xcaret or Xplor, links below. Check out the ruins in Tulum, Chichen Itza or several other sites. You can no longer climb the pyramid at Chichen (one of the 7 wonders of the world) or Tulum. If you want to see some really well preserved sites and climb the pyramid, go to Ek Balam. Any of the tour places can make those arrangements for you

Are you going diving at Cozumel? It’s well worth it. Also, cave diving in the cenotes is a lot of fun (see link).

I hope that helps. Have fun.

Donna asks…

How much is a destination wedding?

Looking to purpose to my girlfriend but I only want to be engaged for a year we have talked about going somewhere warm and doing it like Hawaii ,Florida,California,Mexico pretty much anywhere warm but were thinkin any were we want somethin nice but not to costly we want somethin reasonable price any ideas or experiences please let me know thank you

Tijuana answers:

Check out they have so much info on destination weddings at those places (well definitely hawaii and mexico). Its an awesome, and friendly forum (its not mine but i joined it and im very happy i did!)

mexico, on average an all inclusive resort will charge you 1000-1500 dollars for the ceremony (up to ten guests). Also you need to pay for your hotel room obviously, including officiant, toast, decoration, flowers and cake. And a dinner at one of the all inclusive restaurants. A few photos depending on the package. You can add any extras you want to the basic packages

in cancun/playa del carmen you have pretty much every option for weddings you can imagine – beach, gazebo, roof terrace, cenote (like a underground pool)

i would suggest the sandos playacar/ or sandos caracol resorts in playa del carmen. They are not the super luxurious resorts(ie very expensive) but theyre beautiful and have great buffet restaurants. Feel free to email any questions about mexico resorts for weddings….ive done a LOT of research

Helen asks…

Cozumel or Playa del Carmen? And recommmendations for places to stay?

Which do you recommend and why? And any suggestions on where to stay? Also , better to stay in a hotel or rent a condo or something for the week?
Also, I was planning on going in August to finish a Scuba class but would December or January be better than August?

Tijuana answers:

Cozumel is better for scuba diving (best place in mexico). It is smaller, more “american” (US & Canadian Tourists), and more familiar.

Playa del Carmen has a better nightlife, beautifull sandy beaches just in front of the downtown, more “european” (European and Southamerican tourists as well as a big European community there), and the crowd is in the late 20´s to 50´s.

In Cozumel I recommend Aura Cozumel Resort Wyndham Grand Bay for a Luxury Vacation or the Occidental and Iberostar all Inclusives Resorts for a cheaper budget. All of them are in the south part of the island where the scuba thing is happening, but if you want to do some shopping or clubbing you must take a 15 minute taxi ride to go to downtown.

In Playa del Carmen I recommend Iberostar and Occidental All Inclusives also if you prefer this kind of vacation. Personally, in playa I prefer smaller hotels (with european plan), there are plenty of them over the 5th avenue and they are cheaper and surprsingly charming plus, they are over the 5th ave, where everything happens in playa.

Condos and vacation rentals are also available and I recommend them if you want some privacy and travel with a big crowd. (search: condos in Playacar Golf course in Playa del Carmen / or in Cozumel).

January is not too hot as august and less rainy. No Hurricanes in winter but you can enjoy the mex caribbean in both seasons.

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