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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Robert asks…

Best all inclusive resort in Playa Del Carmen?

Close to the party scene and bars

Tijuana answers:

The best resort is the RUI Palace Mexico. All inclusive and very elegant. Directly across the Avenida is RUI Tequila which caters to the 20 – 30 crowd. A party every night, and if you are staying at any of the other RUI all inclusive resorts, the drinks are free.

Susan asks…

Negril vs. Playa Del Carmen?

My soon-to-be wife and I are looking for a honeymoon ins October. We were interested in Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica until we went to see a travel agent. She showed us some amazing resorts in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Now we are unsure about our honeymoon. There are great deals right now on trips to Mexico due to the economy and the swine flu media frenzy. My question is, are we better to go to the glamorous, big, fancy resorts in Playa Del Carmen or go the the modest, quiet resort in Negril. We will be spending ten days and mostly hang out on the beach and do a few activities. We are worried about being underwhelmed at CSA. We could get a much nicer room in PDC however I have heard that Negril is nicer and more romantic. Any opinion is welcome, we are really stuck and want to make the right choice. Does the food in Negril compare to PDC? Also we have been to Cancun before and want to stay away from the Spring break vacationers , from what I have heard PDC is nothing like Cancun. We would also like to have the option to see shows at night-time. I have also heard that the “boutique” hotels in PDC require that you get up early to secure a good spot on the beach (under a Pallapa) and are more complicated when it comes to dinner reservations. What do you suggest? We definetly want to have the best time possible.

Tijuana answers:

Negril has much better beaches than Mexico. Sandals is a beautiful super inclusive resort that I’m more than sure you’ll enjoy. No reservations are needed at Sandals. So that would be my choice.

Ruth asks…

Playa del Carmen?

Where is the best resort to stay in for a week on the beach at Playa del Carmen? I want “all inclusive” for a week.

Tijuana answers:

first it would be good to know what “the best” means to you.everybody has a different interpretation when it comes to “the best”.
If we talk about top of the line 5*+ hotels there are:

in playacar: the “riu palace mexico”,”riu palace riviera maya” and the “occidental royal hideaway”.
In playa del carmen: “the royal porto real” (not the “porto real”)

the big advantage of the “the royal” in playa del carmen is the is located in the heart of playa (as we locals call it shortly).only a few steps away is where all the shopping and nightlife action is without disturbing the classy ambience and quietness of the hotel.since opening my favorite in all playa area.the entire hotel including the rooms are breathtaking.

The “riu palace mexico” was my first choise till the royal came to town.exellent food and service combined with style and charm.

The “occidental royal hideaway” is one of the…if not THE best,all-inclusive hotel in the world.but….for most people allready tooo much.i’m afraid even the fun has to wait outside.besides that they lost a lot of beach during the hurricane in 2005.

And then there is the “riu palace riviera maya”.same standard like the other “riu palace” but without that “little thing” to call it charmish.

From every hotel in playacar you need a taxi to go to will cost you approx. 5U$ each way.unless you like to walk the 2-4 miles….depents which hotel you choose and where in town you want to go.

Do NOT just go to any 4 or 5 star hotel here is.unfortunetly here are hotels which rate themselve 4*….nobody with a right mind wouldn’t even give them 2 stars.

You will find links to all hotels mentioned at the bottom.also i put a link where you can read some reviews from costumers which come back to playa frequently.they have a very friendly forum aswell.
Have fun and enjoy your stay here,greetings from playa,

sorry for any misspelling….i’m german(….and the “check spelling” function doesn’t work right now,lol)

p.s.:if you have more questions about the other hotels or the area do not hesitate to send an e-mail to the same nick at

follow up @ USA:
sorry,but that`s not true like you say it.ONLY if you stay at the “riu palace mexico” or at the “riu palace riviera maya” you are allowed to use them all.if you stay at the yucatan,tequila,playacar or lupita you are NOT allowed to use any of the two riu-palace.

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