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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Robert asks…

How much should I tip at an all inclusive resort in Mexico?

Me and my girlfriend are going to an all inclusive resort in cancun Mexico at the end of the month and wondering what the correct amount to tip people are as I don’t want to give anyone an insulting amount but don’t want to give too much as it is all inclusive. I have worked out that they like dollars there but that is about it!

Tijuana answers:

Everyone at the Hotel gets a “Tip Share” You will not be presented with a Bill so there is no way to form a percentage. That is what all inclusive means and means Tips too. They will not have a problem if you throw a little to your best waiter. 20% is acceptable. The Maids are the least paid and most courteous. Leave any tip in Mxn Pesos.
The maids will not at all be dissatisfied, they are only being paid the equivalent of $6.00 usd per Day

Susan asks…

Need recommendations / information on all inclusive resorts in Jamaica and Mexico?

I want to take a vacation at the end of this month / beginning of next month. I was looking at some all inclusive resorts in Mexico and Jamaica. Both of these places seem pretty inexpensive – can anyone give me more information, such as good/bad places to stay, why one is better than the other, etc. I want to know what to avoid and what to make sure and see.
I will be going on an anniversary vacation with my husband, so an adults-only or adult-oriented place would be great. No kid activities needed! We like relaxing on the beach, hiking and exploring the natural landscapes.

Tijuana answers:

Jamaica is a beautiful tropical island with friendly and welcoming people, great food and lots of fun activities.

I have vacationed there every year since 2000 and I just can’t wait for 2007 vacation to come around!

Just went there in July and had the best trip ever. We climbed the Blue Mountain peak, spent a night at Whitfield Hall (about a third up the mountain), went to the hot springs at the Mineral Bath in St. Thomas. We swam with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove in Ocho Rios and spent a few nights at FDR Pebbles resort in Trelawny.

It was a great trip and there are so much fun activities there. There is the famed Dunns River waterfalls in Ocho Rios, bamboo rafting on the Martha Brae in Trelawny, the old fort in Port Royal, Hellshire beach where you can get some good home-style Jamaican food.

My favorite spot is Point Village resort in Negril. Its a beautiful resort with a great sunset view and the staff is ever so friendly and accomodating. You can find a whole lot more details by going to their website at

I have also stayed at the holiday Inn in MOBAY where there are tons of daily activities and it is central to most of the attractions in MOBAY area.

I have also stayed at FDR Pebbles in Trelawny (about mid-way betweeen MOBAY and Ocho Rios) and at FDR in Runaway Bay. They are both great resorts with lots of fun activities.

Of the four resorts, Point Village offered the best package for the all-inclusive price. With FDR Pebbles a close second and Holiday Inn third. FDR in Runaway Bay was the most expensive of the four resorts I stayed at. But, if you are lucky and buy at the right time you could get a great deal at any of these resorts.

Negril is a beautiful town on the North West region of the Island. Ocho Rios is a beautiful town so is Montego Bay for vacationers. In Montego Bay the Holiday Inn resort is 7 miles from the MOBAY airport (about a 15 minutes ride). So if you do not want to travel far, this is a really cool resort too located in close proximity of the Hip Strip where all the ‘happenings’ are going on. It is nearby Margaritaville too…the party place!

Jamaica is beautiful and the resorts has a bundle of activities that is bound to make you crave for more Jamaica!

Check it out you will have a great time!

Donald asks…

Are all the Carribean islands effected by hurricanne season in September?

I am planning my honeymoon and want to do it at somewhat of an all inclusive resort. Dont want to have bad weather though, and most all inclusive resorts are mexico/carribean/dominican republic,,, what islands down there are out of “hurricanne” territory during season?

Tijuana answers:

Whilst all the Caribbean is considered Hurricane Territory during the season, the further south you go the less likely you are to be affected (Trinidad is one of the few places you can get year round yacht insurance without a hurricane premium). I am not aware of either Trinidad or Tobago having any all inclusive resorts although I am sure Tobago will in due course (lovely island). Off the coast of Venezuela there is the island of Margaritta which has some all inclusive destinations. If possible try to fly direct to Porlamar and avoid a transfer through Caracas.
Most of all do your research to find a place you will like and put the hurricane to chance. The likelyhood of a direct hit is very slight.

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