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Ensenada Crime

Lisa asks…

About purchasing side trips – not from cruise line?

I’m going on my first cruise to see if I like cruising. A short cruise to San Diego, Catalina, Ensenada, and back. The cruise has lots of side trips for sale, and I was wondering if there are places to purchase some of those side-trips without paying the cruise ship high prices (I’m especially thinking Ensenada, but this is really a general question applicable to any cruise)

Tijuana answers:

I agree with Anja. (Anja ought to be chosen for Best Answer)

I went on my first cruise, booked excursions on board rather than in advance (in case of last minute changes) and stayed with what the cruise lines suggested. They have agreements with tour companies who depend on the cruise lines for their business. They are responsible for getting you back to the ship in reasonable time. Also, in my opinion…less liklihood of being a victim of crime.

Don’t go off the beaten path unless you know a local VERY WELL.

Happy sailing.

Donald asks…

Is Amsterdam safe at the moment?

I am 14 years old and this summer I will be travelling to Europe with my mother. We will be going to Amsterdam. I told my friend at school I was going there and he said “You will get shot immediately.” I’ve been to places like Tijuana, Ensenada, Chicago, East St. Louis, St. Louis, Minneapolis(where I live), New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. These are all places with the rep of crime and danger. And I am still here. I don’t believe my friend but I want to ask Yahoo about this.

Tijuana answers:

The Netherlands is one of the saves countries in the world. Our Secretary of Justice recently closed 8 prisons in the Netherlands because the crime decreased and now we have a lack of criminals.

About 1200 jobs/prison-guards are unemployed now. But luckily Belgium send their criminals to the empty Dutch prisons. Because in Belgium there is a lack of prisons.

In 2009 totally 174 people were murdered in the Netherlands (Pop. 16.500.000). But most crime were commit in familiar atmosphere. Just compare these numbers with an average city in the US. The murder rate is sometime much higher then a whole country like the Netherlands.

Daniel asks…

Planning to Move but not sure where?

Hi. As a family, we have decided to simplify our lifestyle and sell many of our things and move to Mexico. ( Me (aged 22) and my mom aged 45)
So. I am a Programmer. I had a 2 successful start-ups. I LOVE math. but i’m programmer.
I Have Clients from all around the world. BUT.
i want to invest money in another country. well i live in Armenia for past 3 . which is the worst thing i ever did. So. I don’t know where to start. what to search over the internet and what to learn about countries. note: that i want to pick a country for rest of my life.
Well here are some countries i like
USA: BUT i was deported. so i dont have chances to get there.
MEXICO: i lived in mexico 2 times. in 2011 and 2007. in 2007 i was in Ensenada. i lived in a friends house. for like 3 months. i loved Ensenada. But i was young and i think i Liked the night life not the city.
in 2011 i Lived in Ensenada and moved to mexico city.
in Mexico City i lived in friends house but alone for about 4 months. I loved Mexico City. but i dont know why. Now why to move mexico? well the answer is the people using the internet is 50% of population. that’s a huge number.

Brazil : i love Brazil and i speak a little Portuguese. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the sixth most populous, and the seventh fifth in Internet usage.
I am confused.
Russia : I speak fluent Russian. but i hate russia. crime in business is like water on earth. like 80%.
But i have a feeling that i want to move to Americas.
HELP please. help me with any information you Can.

Tijuana answers:

I think you should move somewhere safe none of these countries you mentioned are safe.

You should move someone in Europe, London, France, Portugal, Spain.

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