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Ensenada Crime

Sandy asks…

Is ensenada mexico safe?

i’ve been researching and i’ve heard it’s safe. if there is crime then it’s petty crime.
well i’m an american and my boyfriend is mexican.
we want to make him legal so i plan on going to mexico & living there into we can get his papers.
sooo i’m going to visit for 1 week in december to make sure i like it there,
also i’m black so i know i’m going to stand out alot!
so anyone actually live there?
will i be safe?
i just keep hearing bad things about mexico & it hurts me because i
love my fiance soo much. before he got deported he use to live here in the usa & we spent alot of time together. he use to spend the weekends at my house & we’d spend all day together.
even with our crazy work schedules on the weekdays we still manage to see each other lol.
we’re so crazy inlove & it’s come to this.
we’ve made plans for the future but i don’t want to risk my life! lol. thanks
ugh.. lol anybody actually live there?
thanks lol because i’m really considering living there if the safety is good. i know everyhwere is dangerous but people talk like all of mexico is dangerous!!! i kno there are some good places, like there’s good places here in the usa and bad places ^^
thanks 🙂 i can’t wait to visit

Tijuana answers:

I live in rosarito and go to ensenada often. There are a lot of americans living between those cities. There is crime everywhere but I have never personally experienced any problems. I have lived there since 2001. It is beautiful all along the coast and there are tons of things for you to do. It is very affordable and the people are great.

Lisa asks…

How is safety on The Baja California?

Any news on The safety of ensenada and South on The Baja California. Do foreigners feel safe?

Tijuana answers:

Ensenada is one of the nicest and safest town in b.c. The people nice and lots of police presence which keeps the crime down. Go there shop , eat and have a good time

Nancy asks…

Is Imperial Beach 91932 a good place to live?

hi. i currently live in los angeles but looking to move to san diego. Im male mid twenties. I found a place for rent month to month in Imperial beach (zip:91932). I really wanna be near the beach and the apt i found in imperial beach is really close, but I dont know much about the area. Is it a safe place to live. I know its really close to the mexican border so im a little worried about getting robbed or held for ransom. is 91932 area safe? If you live in the area or are familiar with the 91932 Imperial beach area give me some info so i dont regret making this move.

Tijuana answers:

I always like questions like yours because they contain zip codes and make the researching a lot easier. I tap the crime stats frequently to help other Yahooites get the information they need. In your case, with the rent being affordable for you, I’d say move there.

In all fairness I will concede that IB is the lower end of the beach communities in the San Diego Metro area, but it is relatively safe. The link I provided you with below will show a comparison for crimes committed in Imperial Beach, San Diego and the National Average.

One area to be personally mindful of is Auto Theft. Since SD and IB are so close to the Mexican border your car can be in Ensenada before you wake up in the morning. In addition you will learn that crimes run slightly higher in beach areas due to the transient population visiting the seashore. Many of these crimes are fed by stupid beach visitors. They leave their car unlocked; they leave their cameras on the seat; they drink too much and pee in public; they leave their ground floor windows open at night or when they are not at home.

Take common sense measures to protect yourself and your property and you will be fine. Get a kill switch put on your vehicle. Put a deadbolt on your door. Get windows that lock with metal insert pins so they can’t suction-cup-lift the glass out of the sliding window track. In other words, idiot proof your environment with the hopes of the world not building a bigger idiot.

If you’re scraping by and not driving a red Porsche I don’t forsee anyone kidnapping you. Don’t walk among groups of riff-raff at night in dimly lit areas. That’s a surefire way to get robbed anywhere in the world. Heck, you probably know this stuff already so get out there and practice it.

The stats are a little dated because they come from the lagging FBI reports.

These SDPD stats are current:

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