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Ensenada Mexico

Donna asks…

Is there a zipline in Ensenada, Mexico?

I am taking a cruise this weekend on Royal Caribbean. It stops for one day in Ensenada, Mexico and I would like to take a ride on a zipline there. It would be my first experience on a zipline. Does anyone know where I can find one there?

Tijuana answers:

Ensenada is a pretty small town & I don’t think there are any ziplines there. It’s pretty much an all day excursion to go drink & eat in the town pubs & restaurants. Go to see the “blowhole” which is a naturally occuring water spout just S. Of Ensenada.. Pretty cool.

James asks…

need directions from arizona to ensenada mexico?

Tijuana answers:

These directions start at the exact center of Arizona (you didn’t mention a city/town). Look down the directions until you see a road you recognize.

1: Start out going SOUTHWEST on BLACK JACK SPG toward IRON SPRINGS RD / CR-10. 0.7 miles

2: Turn LEFT onto IRON SPRINGS RD / CR-10. 5.1 miles

3: Turn RIGHT onto MILLER VALLEY RD / WILLOW CREEK RD. Continue to follow MILLER VALLEY RD. 0.7 miles

4: MILLER VALLEY RD becomes GROVE AVE. 0.4 miles

5: Turn LEFT onto W GURLEY ST. 1.6 miles

6: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto AZ-69 E. 33.2 miles

7: Merge onto I-17 S toward PHOENIX. 47.2 miles

8: Take the AZ-101-LOOP W exit- EXIT 214C. 1.2 miles

9: Merge onto AZ-101 LOOP W. 20.8 miles

10: Merge onto I-10 W via EXIT 1A toward LOS ANGELES. 20.5 miles

11: Merge onto AZ-85 S via EXIT 112 toward I-8 / YUMA / SAN DIEGO. 36.9 miles

12: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto W PIMA ST / I-8 BL. 0.3 miles

13: Merge onto I-8 W toward SAN DIEGO (Crossing into CALIFORNIA). 272.9 miles

14: Merge onto CA-125 S toward CA-94. 5.9 miles

15: CA-125 S becomes CA-54 W. 4.7 miles

16: Merge onto I-805 S. Follow to the San Ysidro Border Crossing.

After crossing the border, stay in the second lane from the right until you pass the the first off ramp to Tijuana, then get in the far right lane. Follow the signs that say “Rosarito Beach, Ensenada Scenic Route”. This road will take you along the Mexico/U.S. Border (as you start up the hill you can to see San Diego to your right).

When you come down the big hill, take the first off ramp on the right ,(“Rosarito Beach, Ensenada Scenic Route”) then get in the left lane. You will pass an off-ramp saying “Tijuana Playas” on the right. Staying to the left will put you on the toll road. Tolls are 26 pesos / $2.50 Dlls ea. (at the time of this writing)

There are three tollbooths in total. The first tollbooth is just past the TJ Playas off ramp. Second is about 15 miles south just passing the last Rosarito Beach off-ramp. The third and end of the toll-road is at San Miguel.

After you pass the last tollbooth it’s about six miles to Ensenada proper. About one mile before you get there you’ll come to a fork in the road, stay to the “right” and this will take you in the front end of town. At the first signal, you will be on Boulevard Costero. The drive is about 1 1/2 hours once you cross the border.

The toll road includes towing as part of your price of admission as well as bathrooms, and stores at each stop. Take it easy and don’t be in a rush. You’re in Baja now so be mellow. Remember they have speed limits in Mexico and they’re in kilometers, not miles!

Sandy asks…

My brother is going to Ensenada Mexico, but…?

my16 year old brother is going to ensenada mexico on a cruise with his band group that will be performing on the cruise. my question is that I don’t want my brother off the ship to do shopping or anything else because of the Cartels in mexico. What do you think? Should he stay on the ship or get off the ship? Some of the band players are not getting off and some are.

Tijuana answers:

I’ve been answering this same question for weeks now!
I came back from Ensenada one week ago (was there for six weeks). It seemed to me like a normal, relatively quiet town. I walked in the touristy part (calle primera) lots of times, and walked in many more places on my own, and nothing bad happened. You just have to be careful as you would in any foreign place, but relax, nothing bad will happen to him. The problems are between cartels and between cartels and the police, violence is NOT directed at tourists, and anyway, Ensenada is just a small city and not in the border, it’s NOT Tijuana or Ciudad Juarez!
Cruises stop in Ensenada THREE times a week, with passengers visiting and returning safely. Tell your brother to be careful, have a great time and take advantage of the opportunity of knowing a foreign city. And if anything scares him, he can always get back on the boat.

Oh and please- STOP believing everything the news say!

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