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Ensenada Mexico

Sandra asks…

What shold I do in Ensenada Mexico besides fish? Good restruants? Shopping?

Tijuana answers:

Ensenada has changed since the cruise ships make port. The downtown tourist area is more European with tables on the sidewalks, espresso cafes.. El Rey Sol is still the best restaurant and many shops have upscale merchandise. Hussong’s Cantina still percolates and the Papas and Beers appeals to the wet T shirt crowd. Something for everybody. Bien viaje.

Maria asks…

Is it safe to go on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico ?

I’ve never been there . I would like to know if it’s safe to go there, in light of the drug wars and kidnapping. Thanks

Tijuana answers:

Why do you plan on wandering all alone in an area away from the resorts/main thoroughfare? If not, you should be fine. The drug lords do not hang around the resorts and so forth.

You simply have a couple of options – stay on the cruise ship while in dock at Ensenada or attend a cruise sponsored excusion. There really isn’t much else in Ensenada any way. This is what I did (went on a sponsored excusion) when I was on a cruise that stopped in Ensenada.

Jenny asks…

Is it safe to be in Ensenada, Mexico right now?

i heard bad stuff is going down in mexico right now, but i dont really know much. my 13 year old sister is going on a cruise there on sunday.. would it be safe for her to travel into ensenada? her and my grandpa usually take a tour down there whenever they go.. should they just stay on the cruise ship for the day?

…i really have no idea whats going on there right now if there is something… care to inform me?

Tijuana answers:

I just spent six weeks in Ensenada on my own. I walked around the tourist area and in many more places as well, and I never felt unsafe. Bad things can happen anywhere if you’re really unlucky (like what happened in New York today), but really, Ensenada is not unsafe and probably nothing bad will happen to your sister, especially if she is with your grandfather.
There are cruise ships two to three times a week in Ensenada, it’s a normal occurrence, and people usually take a tour, or walk around calle primera, which is a touristy street, where all the tourists are. They’ll be fine.
Relax! 🙂

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