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Ensenada Mexico

Carol asks…

driving distance from Rosarito, Mexico to Ensenada, Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

Rosarito Beach is around 18 miles south of the border. Driving time from San Diego is 35 to 45 minutes. The actual time will depend on long it takes you to cross over the border. Ensenada is about 62 miles south of the border and 44 miles south of Rosarito Beach. Driving time from San Diego to Ensenada is 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.

44 miles = 70.8 KM

Betty asks…

mexico ENSENADA mapquest?


Tijuana answers:

Try Google Maps.

Essentially there is only one way to get to Ensenada from the San Ysidro, CA border crossing, and that is for you to take the cuota (toll road or scenic road) south.

From the border crossing you will follow the signs that will direct you to this toll road, which runs along the coast through Rosarito and farther south to Ensenada.

Google Maps is a good source.

Welcome… I hope you have a nice visit.

Michael asks…

Have you been to Tijuana/Ensenada, Mexico?

Hey everybody. I am going on a mission trip in a few weeks to Mexico-specifically Tijuana and Ensenada. Anyone have any experiences? Any advice? What to bring, how to minister, what its like? Anything you have to say will be appriciated.

Tijuana answers:

I live in between Tijuana and Ensenada. I have lots of missions experience here…

Bring a sweater or light coat, because it gets cool out at night, espe. Near the ocean.

Eat at places that have sinks- sinks means they can wash hands and keep clean- no sinks- no clean= extra time on the porcelain lazy-boy!

Come with a willingness to serve. You are serving the Lord by serving His people.

Leave your prejudices behind. You may find yourself judging the way people live differently than you- It will destroy your witness and ability to serve Jesus well!

Most folks understand English, speak respectfuly at all times or you’ll destroy your witness!

Enjoy the people- they will show you the Love and Joy of the Lord in a way you may never have experienced it.

Shake hands with people when you meet them.

Repect the pastor – he is a highly respected person in his church and neighbourhood- treat him in such a way- to not do so (or to ignore him) is to “dis” him and that can work against your ability to serve.


Love and you will do well- you may never be the same!!

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