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Ensenada Mexico

Lizzie asks…

Are there many homeless in Ensenada, Mexico?

I am moving soon to Ensenada or Rosarito and would like to get involved with a charity for homeless. Before I plan my destination I want to know which location is best for charity work. I would like to remain safe but get involved in a location that can actually use me. Does Ensenada have homeless shelters, soup kitchens, orphanages, etc? Or must I go north to TJ to be of any real use?

Tijuana answers:

Lol u will find homeless people everywhere in mexico haha, but what u will not find are shelters

Paul asks…

papas and beer in ensenada mexico?

can someone who is 17, get into papas and beer to drink if they look 18+

Tijuana answers:

Don’t think that would be a problem in that place! Go after dark, it’s SO crazy! Just PLZ be careful…don’t get too wild, remember you are in Mexico…

Ken asks…

Will I need a passport for a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico?

I am going a 4 night cruise that leaves from Long Beach, CA and stops for a day in Ensenada, Mexico. Is it required to have a passport? And if not, is it recommended?

Tijuana answers:

State ID and a birth certificate is all you need for your closed loop cruise. You do Not need an FMM and will be in Mexico for less than 72 hours
NO PASSPORT IS REQUIRED See Closed Loop Cruises.

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