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Ensenada Mexico

Mark asks…

Anybody know the off season for Ensenada, Mexico?

I would like to plan a trip down there but during the off season when it will be cheaper. Any advice?

Tijuana answers:

The peak times are during December and the mid-Summer, there is also sometimes a influx of tourists around the week of Easter. The worst time in the world to vacation anywhere in Baja is during spring break, the entire coastline becomes flooded with college kids. (although tourisim is down a bit due to the Media hype about how dangerous it is to travel in Mexico.) avoid these times and you should be fine.
I hope you love the city as much as I do and dont worry, it’s perfectly safe.

William asks…

Can I go to Ensenada, Mexico without a passport?

I have to go to a funeral this Friday at Ensenada, Mexico. I heard you can come back to the U.S. with just a birth certificate and driver’s liscense. Will I have a hard time coming back? Or is it going to be easy?

Tijuana answers:

Yes ,you can and there are signs indicating that a minimum requirement to get in to America for AMERICAN citizens. You don`t need a Passport to enter the border area and on to Ensenada Mexico. You can spend 72 hours without an FMM and a Passport.

Daniel asks…

Why isn’t there a Taco Bell in Ensenada, Mexico?

They have a Wal-Mart!
But NO Taco Bell!
I thought once I was in Mexico, that there would be El Pollo Locos, Taco Bells and Del Tacos!
But no ONE!
And for those who say Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican food, then why do I see Mexicans eating there?

Tijuana answers:

There aren’t Taco Bells there because those kinds of places aren’t Mexican, they are American food. Just because you see Mexicans in a Taco Bell doesn’t mean that it’s Mexican food. I see Mexicans at McDonalds and Subway, are those places Mexican? No. Why would you want to eat at TB anway, if there are actual REAL yummy Mexican food in Ensenada. That food taste better!

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