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Ensenada Mexico

Joseph asks…

crime ensenada mexico?

Tijuana answers:

None, zero….. Safest place in baja

Donald asks…

Dining in Ensenada Mexico?

can anyone tell me the names of recomended restraunts with lot of variety, and is not tooo expensive. we have a party of 12 and therefore would like to save our money while on the cruise. when we stop off in ensenada, we are looking for mexican food that is recomended. (also we have 6 vegetarians in our group) so we need variety of options. so give me a list of restraunts please!

i have heard of la habana, and la bufadora tequila grill. im intersted in la habana. if anyone knows of that place, what do they offer there?

Tijuana answers:

Click the link below to read the reviews of some restaurants in Ensenada.

Laura asks…

Is Ensenada, BC, Mexico a safe place to live in?

A girl I know is planning to study in Mexico. Everybody I know says it’s dangerous in the North.
Should I talk her down? Is there other safer cities in Baja California?
Please help me.
That is for one one year with some family. I also checked the already answered questions. If you have opinions about Mazatlan, Culiacan, Tepic, please share with me. Thank you

Tijuana answers:

Ha take her down south as far as possible, there is 50x more problems down there, the farther north you are the better, because thats were most of the goverment is at, the cartal owns most of mexico thought, so good luck finding a “safe” place. Do a little reserch on every town untill you find the best one, even then, it could still be bad, remimber that.

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