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Ensenada Mexico

Chris asks…

Will a boost mobile phone get coverage in Tijuana/Ensenada Mexico?

Will I be able to make and receive callas from TJ/Ensenada?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, they have coverage in those areas. I’m a boost mobile user and I go to mexico every weekend. You will be able to make/receive calls, but they will be sort of expensive because regular international fees apply. That’s why I always stick with the walkie-talkie

Maria asks…

Is Ensenada Mexico a dangerous place?

I was planning on going on a cruise and one of the ports is ensenada and was wondering if is safe because people say that its dangerous there

Tijuana answers:

Went on a cruise there last year and i am going again in november with some of my girfriends. It is fine. Very up an coming place, with a lot of “american” feel with there being a wal mart, mc donalds, burger king, home depot.
I went into the heart of ensenada last time but plan on staying in the city and doing the touristy thing this time with the bars, restruants and shopping

Daniel asks…

do you need a passport to go from california to ensenada, mexico?

Tijuana answers:

No you don’t. You only need it when coming back to the U.S. They are allowing people to use a state issued I.D. Along with a birth certificate to prove U.S. Citizenship when coming back. In case you are an “alien” you do need a valid passport with a valid visa. In Mexico, there is a 200 mile free travel zone, so no one will check your documents unless you go further south.

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