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Ensenada Mexico

Laura asks…

Visiting Ensenada Mexico, where can i shop, do i bring US dollars, what kinds of things can i find. Any hints

Visiting Ensenada Mexico, where can i shop, do i bring US dollars, what kinds of things can i find. Any suggestions on what to do arrive on tues ( will be at the hospital there) will have tuesday afternoon free. Like to shop and woudl like the whale watching i hear about. Any suggestions would be great.

Tijuana answers:

The street that you enter the city is the main street were in the weekends in the summer (not sure in winter) there is people outside walking and hanging around. There are many stores and restaurants. Its really nice. The next street to the left are more stores. The people are nice. There are a lot of little stands were they sell jewelry and lil suveniers. You can bring U.S. Dollars but its better if you changed them to pesos.

Mandy asks…

driving directions ensenada mexico to tecate border crossing?

I’m looking for directions driving from Ensenada Mexico to the Tecate border crossing. I always get lost!

Tijuana answers:

Previous replies were all good. However, last time in Ensenada, I took the highway that went directly to Tecate. The exit is just a bit north of Coral Hotel and I believe it’s Highway 3. As you come into Tecate, keep going straight. When you see the McDonald’s at thye right hand cforner, you’re a block away from the main drag. Continue straight up and left at the end. Can’t miss the exit to the states. Just follow the traffic. Beautiful drive, by the way. Only reason I took it was I don’t like TJ, the confusing streets, exits, traffic, etc…..

Thomas asks…

Would mid-March be an ok time to go on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico– weather wise?

I want to go on a cruise in mid-March to Ensenada, Mexico, but I’m not sure that the weather will be great then. I’ve looked at past weather reports and they say it should be ok, but I’d like to hear about someone’s experience. Has anyone gone on a cruise to Ensenada in March and how was the weather?

Tijuana answers:

Well, it wont be HOT like as if were summer, but it will be great weather. As mentioned above, we have the same weather as los angeles and this part of the world has the greatest weather.

We dont get nasty weather. We dont get tornadoes or hurricanes or the like. Oh, see our new marina!!

You will be ok. Come and enjoy our city. We get tourists from all over the world at all times of the year.

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