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Ensenada Mexico

Ken asks…

How safe is Ensenada Mexico?

My Daughters are going with their youth group to Ensenada Mexico next weekend. How safe is it?

Tijuana answers:

Safer than any other place in the USA.

Michael asks…

How to stay safe on Cruise going into town in Ensenada Mexico?

Hi hoping an experienced traveler can help me out. My family and I are taking a Princess cruise out of Long Beach CA to Catalina Island which will be great then we are going down to Ensenada Mexico. I have heard that Mexico is unsafe to travel to due to cartel violence and other factors even in cities that are tourist friendly and seem safe.

I do speak pretty fluent Spanish but my family is telling me they do not want me to go out alone in the city. They fear I may be stabbed, robbed, or thrown in jail. Our friends son was told he damaged a bar and I don’t know if he really did and got thrown in jail in Mexico. I would like to visit a bar and enjoy some good margaritas!

So my plan is to take my father along with me if I venture out into the city. Can anyone with traveling experience their in Mexico and Ensenada give me and my family tips to stay safe and what things to be on the lookout for specifically. Also I hear kids and people mob you for money and to buy things, how to best interact with them? Please serious answers only. I really need help. Thanks in advance.

Tijuana answers:

The ships are only in Ensenada for about 8 hours during the day (daylight).
There is really no much to worry about during these hours.
You just ignore the kids.

The margarita’s in Long Beach will be much tastier than one’s you get in Mexico and you don’t have to worry about having montezuma’s revenge from the ice (ie. Travelers diarrhea). Some places to try near the Long Beach port:
– Fuego
– Tequila Jack’s
– Aqaves Kitchen.

Steven asks…

Anyone been to Ensenada, Mexico?

I’m going on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Does anyone have any pics of like the water and sand, I want to know if it looks like ugly or beautiful, like I’m hopeing. Or any pics of some of the sights? And any comments about Ensenada or any advice as well. I just want to know if its worth going? Thank you

Tijuana answers:

Its worth it! Have a great time im going on a cruise in feb
fun fun for us:)

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