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Ensenada Mexico

Donna asks…

Driving directions from Los Angeles to Ensenada, Mexico?

Hi All, I am planning a trip to Ensenada Mexico and like to drive on this trip from Los Angeles. What are the best driections and any info about getting in and out of Mexico can be of lot of help. I thanks in advance in for your response – Mirk

Tijuana answers:

Take the San Diego Freeway south to the Tijuana crossing.

After crossing the border, stay in the second lane from the right until you pass the the first off ramp to Tijuana, then get in the second lane from the right. Follow the signs that say “Rosarito Beach, Ensenada Scenic Route”. This road will take you along the Mexico/U.S. Border (as you start up the hill you can to see San Diego to your right). When you come down the big hill, take the first off ramp on the right ,(“Rosarito Beach, Ensenada Scenic Route”) then get in the left lane. You will pass an off-ramp saying “Tijuana Playas” on the right. Staying to the left will put you on the toll road. Tolls are 26 pesos / $2.50 Dlls ea. (at the time of this writing)

There are three tollbooths in total. The first tollbooth is just past the TJ Playas off ramp. Second is about 15 miles south just passing the last Rosarito Beach off-ramp. The third and end of the toll-road is at San Miguel.

After you pass the last tollbooth it’s about six miles to Ensenada proper. About one mile before you get there you’ll come to a fork in the road, stay to the “right” and this will take you in the front end of town.

Mark asks…

can you take a dog on the bus from Seattle to Mexico?

I want to travel from Everett Washington to Ensenada Mexico, can I take my dog with me?

Tijuana answers:

That is a long way. You will see many people. Not everyone wants to be near a dog, including me.
Leave it in a kennel.

Steven asks…

What activities are available on the Carnival cruise ship?

I don’t remember the ship we are leaving in but it is leaving to Ensenada, Mexico in June.

Tijuana answers:

Most activities on cruise lines are very standard, so like on carnival they have art shows, dance/workout classes, deck parties, night clubs, so many places to eat, and so much more but if you go to you can see in more detail!

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