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Ensenada Mexico

Betty asks…

what is the nationality of a baby born on cruise ship ?

If a cruise ship leaving from Los Angeles and going to Ensenada, Mexico has a woman who gives birth, what will be the nationality of the baby? Will it matter where it is born ? So it could be born in the following locations:
1. In dock at port of Los Angeles
2. At sea in US waters
3. At sea in international waters
4. At sea in Mexican waters
5. At dock in Ensendada, Mexico

The ship is registered in Panama. So i dont know if that matters.
We plan to take a cruise in December and wanted to know this.
Would the baby have the same nationality of the parents ? We are Indian citizens working in the US.

Tijuana answers:

Since we know that cruise lines won’t let woman that are 6 months or more pregant on board.

For matter of the question, let’s assume the woman can be on board.

First of all, you should check with your home country as to nationality requirement.

The US laws states that anyone born within the borders of the US can claim US citizenship. Also any child born to US citizens, regardless of the location of birth can claim US citizenship.

The US has strict dual citizenship laws, so be careful before you decide which citizenship you claim for the child.

Joseph asks…

Can i still cross the border Mexico to USA without a passport?

I was born in usa … i want to go next week to Ensenada Mexico to fix some family problems … do You think i can still cross the border without a passport ?I really dont have any money to buy ANYTHING right now … I have my California ID, birth certificated original, social security and my college Id . CAN I STILL CROSS NOVEMBER 2010 … THANK U SO MUCH !

Tijuana answers:

Yes, you can. The passport “requirement” is a hoax that has fooled a great many people. Those of us who live on the border and cross it every day know from experience that they will let you in to your own country even if you have no identification at all.

Your birth certificate proves your citizenship. Your DMV identification proves your identity. Those two together are more than enough.

For more details, see the Passport FAQ at

Chris asks…

Would mid-feb be an ok time to go on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico– weather wise?

Would mid-feb be an ok time to go on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico— weather wise

Tijuana answers:

February is not our best weather, weather-wise, but people on cruises spend a lot more time on board than they do on land. Your world will be your ship, not your ports.

When you make port in Ensenada you’ll have a precious few hours to get to know the place. To know Ensenada, you really need to hit the ground with your feet and stay for at least a week.

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