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Ensenada Mexico

Nancy asks…

What Cruise Lines Depart from California to Hawaii?

I was thinking of having a couple of friends, me, and my sister to pool a bunch of money together over the to go on a cruise next summer (2010). I looked into Carnival Cruise, but it seems the closest departure to me (Arizona) was in Ensenada, Mexico. Is there any fun 6 to 10 day cruises I could go on the week of the 12th of October?

Tijuana answers:

Cruises from California to Hawaii are usually 15 days long. Holland America Lines departs from San Diego and Princess Cruises departs from LA.

If you don’t have that much time, there are inter-island cruises of about 7 days. You fly to Honolulu and board the ship which travels among the islands. Norwegian CL and Princess does this. You fly home.

I can vouch that these are fun. You basically visit one island per day, and while docked you have an opportunity to go on excursions with 3or4 to choose from. If you haven’t been to Hawaii before, it is a great way to get to know the islands.

Steven asks…

Full Car to Mexico from San Francisco a bad idea?

My boyfriend want to drive to Ensenada, Mexico to surf with 3 other friends so far. I have been telling him it’s a better idea to take 2 cars then pack one completely full. There’ll just be better ambiance and moral that way I think. What do you think? 2 cars or 1? Or maybe I just shouldn’t go! Thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Depends on the vehicle: Unless you are going in a large SUV or full sized passenger van, 5 people plus the luggage & surfboards, etc. Would be too many people for comfort or safety on a long drive.

Depends on the personalities – how well everyone gets along: I agree with Jane S. Someone else’s music or cooling (windows down vrs air conditioner on) preference can create hell on earth. So if you go with so many people, bring earplugs.

Donald asks…

How can I get custody of my little brother after I turn 18?

My parents are both immigrants and i was born in San Diego I Turn18 On October,and my little brother wants to finish school in san diego ,but hes living with my parents in Ensenada Mexico. I was wondering how can I get custody of him so he can attend school in san diego?
Parents Already Agreed

Tijuana answers:

Talk to your parents about it cause you will need their permission

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