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Ensenada Mexico

Laura asks…

What name should I put on cruise ticket to Mexico?

What name should I put on cruise ticket to Mexico if my passport from different country has my maiden last name, and my green card has my new (married) last name. It’s a 4-night cruise from Long Beach to Long beach. There is one-day stop in Ensenada, Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

You can travel to anywhere in North America or the Caribbean region by land , air, or sea with just your green card. You can carry your passport and marriage certificate too if you like, but do not mention them unless some idiot asks for them. By law you can travel to Mexico and back with nothing but your green card. See 1st site below and read section on” legal permanent residents”. See 2nd site and read under “Alien residents of the United States.” So…put the ticket under the name on your green card.

Lizzie asks…

where can i get hurley,quiksilver chothes wholesale for a retailstore?

i have my shop in ensenada ,mexico and i buy my merchandaise in California,i want to get Reef, Hurley, Roxy clothes to sale it in my shop, in my city the surf is an important sport.

Tijuana answers:

Find out the phone numbers of the manufacturer(s) that make these brands and call them. Ask to speak to their sales department. If they do not have their own sales department, they should either have wholesalers or manufacturers reps. They will be glad to give you the names and numbers of the ones that cover your area.

Regardless, be prepared to speak with them. Have your federal ID numbers, Cali sellers permit, etc. Ready when you call them so they can set you up as a customer. There might be minimum order requirements, so be prepared to deal with that. Also be prepared to pay C.O.D. Or at least personally guarantee any credit purchases.

Good Luck!

Michael Casey CPA
Business Consultant

Charles asks…

Is it safe to drive to Ensenada, Mexico?

I was wondering if it is safe to drive to Ensenada, Mexico?

I wanted to stay there for a week or so, but I’m low on cash, so I was thinking I’d just sleep in my car once I get to Ensenada. Is that dangerous?

Tijuana answers:

It’s a risk. I go to Mexico a lot, but i always fly.
But I WOULD NOT suggest sleeping in your car though! Unless you want to get attacked by drug dealers. That’s just too dangerous, trust me. I suggest finding the cheapest hotel you can find, you’d be much safer there.

Good luck!

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