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Ensenada Mexico Airport

Jenny asks…

what is the driving distance from SAN DIEGO AIRPORT to ENSENADA MEXICO CRUISE SHIP PORT?

Tijuana answers:

Roughly, about 100 miles. I arrive at that figure just from a bit of mental calculation. About 20-25 miles from the airport to the border,and about 70-75 miles from the border to Ensenada.

But go to Yahoo Maps for directions and a more precise distance. When you cross the border at Tijuana be sure to stay in the right hand lane to take the exit to Playas/Rosarito/Ensenada. It’s easy to miss if you are not in the right lane. But don’t take the first right hand exit after crossing over, to Pueblo Amigo, that won’t get you there. It’s the one after that. It will take you on the Internatinal Road (right near the border fence) out to the exit (also on the right,maybe 8-10 miles up) for the toll road (cuota) to Ensenda (also Rosarito and Playas de Tijuana). Once you get on that it’s a fast and scenic ride to Ensenada, and you won’t miss the big port once you arrive. You can pay the tolls in dollars.

Chris asks…

Best places to live in Mexico?

Hi, I live in Mexico City and have lived in Mexico for years therefore I am not going to even read posts about how awful Mexico is or the violence since I have been here for years.

Anyways, I would like to know what are some good mid-sized cities to live in that are not too far from an international airport? I like the mountains, but I already have lived in Xalapa. Does anyone know of any good mountain towns? I also am interested in Ensenada. Any thoughts on Ensenada?

Thanks 😀

Tijuana answers:

Mountain towns… Creel, its a city in Chihuahua with snow in winter

Thomas asks…

What’s your Favorite Memory of a time when you were Far Away from Home?

What memory or experience do you enjoy reflecting on the most when traveling outside of your hometown, state or country?

I haven’t really traveled that much outside of California, but here’s one of mine:

Carnival Cruise Ship en route to Ensenada Mexico (age 10)

As a child, I was really, really shy. I would rarely speak or perform in front of large groups of people. On one of the nights that my family and I were on this vacation cruise, we found this activity in the auditorium of the ship. Big Band music was being played and couples (from an audience of about 500) were encouraged to jump onstage and do some swing dancing, each with their partner.

My sister (3 years younger) and I had never taken any official dance lessons, yet at home we would often mimic some of the swing dance moves that we had seen on TV or in films. This night on the ship, it took us 15 minutes, but my sister and I got the nerve to join the dozen other couples on stage. At first we were a little nervous, but as the minutes passed we both just started having more and more fun dancing. We were having so much fun that we continued dancing to the music even during a point where all of the other couples had left the stage. For a few minutes, my 7 year old sister and I were dancing in front of this audience of about 500 people with no stress or worry — just fun excitement. It was so exhilarating!

Even after we left the ship and were on a bus headed toward the airport, an older woman who was in the audience recognized us, complimented us, and told us to keep up the dance lessons (she had no idea that we had never taken any, lol) It was so great! 😀

So yeah, that’s my memory…

Thanks for reading it, and even more thanks in advance for sharing one of yours!

Tijuana answers:

Out for a walk one morning in Perugia–a city in Italy famous (in Italy) for the charm and civility of its inhabitants–I turned a corner of a climbing, winding street, and found myself suddenly in the midst of a family gathering; and right in front of me, a lovely little girl about five years old who was holding the paw of a sweet little dog. Without thinking, I stopped, dropped to one knee beside them, and said “Buon cucciolo! (Good puppy!)” And all around us rose the soft chuckling and murmuring of aunts and uncles and parents and grandparents, saying, in Italian, “Isn’t that the cutest thing you ever saw!”

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