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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

William asks…

California spots you have to hit on a surf trip?

me and my buds are doing a little surf trip this summer were lookin more towards southern california so far on the list we have
Mission beach
and Ocean beach

so if anyone can hit me up with more sick places to surf its greatly appreciated

Tijuana answers:

Rincon it is in santa barbara… And when it is a good nw it gets a really loong right there… So perfect too.

Salt creek in laguna is actually a really nice lefts.

Of course uppers at trestles is one you Have to check out… Although it gets really crowded sometimes.

I do not really know what type of board you ride and all…but summer swells usually are not ever that great, but sometimes in the summer we do get some nice sw swells especially the closer to mexico you get.. If you have a passport i would suggest you hit up mexico bc seriously it may not be southern calif. But it is a good time and good experience plus it holds up a nice sw swell… I have had fun times in Ensenada Its in northern baja.

South side of HB pier basically is always going to pump something out…even during the smallest of surf.

Ocean side it nice sometimes and always a little warmer than other breaks.

You will like blacks thou…its a super heavy wave

Jenny asks…

Carnival Paradise ship: All advice! What to Expect? Prep? Warning?

I’m going on a Carnival Paradise Cruise from June 4th to 8th -friend’s cruise wedding (Long Beach to Catalina Island to Ensenada, Mexico and back). I’ve never been on a cruise- Any advice about the cruise itself? excursion advice? warnings? sea sickness (i’m sensitive)? must do’s?

also- how long would you recommend to be there in advance before boarding? how long does this take? difficult? hassle?

help! i’m nervous and NEED to have an awesome time!

Tijuana answers:

Though I have not sailed on the Carnival line, I have sailed cruises on the Dawn Princess, a smaller ship than the Carnival line.

First, please don’t be nervous, you will thourouly enjoy your cruise.

Each morning in the mail box outside your room you will receive a newsletter telling you of the daily events. Plan your day using the newsletter. There are things gallor to do aboard ship, and you will not be bored.

Food 24 hours a day, plan to lose a few pounds before you leave, because you will gain about 1 lb a day. It is just too tempting.

Plan ahead for any excursions at the different ports. If you wait too long you may not see what you want to see. Review the cruise book you recieved from Carnival to help you make your choices.

If you think you will get sea sick, buy one of the wrist bands with the magnet. They are also available aboard ship.

Emaking and debarking take a lot of time and you will stand in line for quite awhile. I would plan to be there at least an hour or two early.

Do not use any credit cards at any of your ports. Instead take travelers checks with you and cash them at the pursor’s desk before your excursion.

If you drink alcoholic beverages plan on having about $50 a day for onboard expenses. Unless you drink a really lot of soda, do not spend the $50 for unlimited soda drinks, that are offered with a coca cola travel cup.

Travel light, because you will want to bring home a lot of soveniers, and you are limited to how many pieces of luggage you can take.

There is a casino aboard ship, if you gamble you may want to take extra money. You cannot use your onboard account for gambling.

Near the end of the cruise, there will be sales on items sold in the shops aboard ship. I bought beautiful bracelet watches for only $10.

I think I have said enough for now. Have fun on your cruise. I am going to alaska this year.

Susan asks…

ensenada mexico cruise (going with carnival)?

what is there to do in ensenada (please nothing negative)
can you give me suggestions to good restaraunts, shops, places to visit there. we plan to go to la bufadora. we are 2 families traveling (plus 2 grandparents) there are 4 kids 4 parents. the kids are aged 9,10,14,18
ALSO: are the beaches good to swim in or wade in?
so the itinerary says
ensenada 9:00 am-6:00pm.
its our only main stop so i really want to get a good experience even if thers not much. good food is always a good experience.
i dislike cruise critics. i keep trying to find roll calls for my ship ( there are no posts) and i searched ensenada but found nothing helpful.
im trying to find somone who has firsthand experience: that has been there or lived there. thanks for your help tho

Tijuana answers:

Hi, we’ve been to Ensenada twice and I guess you have to accept it for what it is. Don’t think you’re going to Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta. It’s a little town that lives off of tourists. There are a couple of nice trips and excursions – check the Carnival website. The Bufadora trip is pleasant and maybe a couple of bus tours. Or if the day is nice, you can get off the ship and walk into town for a little fresh air and exercise. Beware, every store has someone out front trying to get you to come in and buy stuff. OR, just do what we did last time – while everyone else is in town, you have the ship pools to yourself. Not so crowded. As for the beaches – if there are excursions, that may be interesting. But there are no beaches near the ship. It’s in a harbor. Hope this helped.

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