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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Betty asks…

Is Ensenada a nice island?

I am going on a cruise that wilkl be going to Cabo && Ensenada. I already know Cabo is beautiful.
Well, I am about to go there in a couple of weeks and i would like to know how its like there and what activities your able to do there?

Tijuana answers:

Hola. Ensenada is okay….but its not an island. There isn’t much to do there, its just a stop over port. You can buy trinkets and maybe do some swimming.

You will like Cabo more, its lovely and scenic and resort like…with hundreds of things to do.

Here is my top 10 list for things to do in Cabo:
1. Swim with the dolphins

2. ATV, or 4×4, or dune buggy the sand dunes and backroads of Cabo….great wild fun!

3. Kayak, windsail, surf, snorkel, scuba, boogy board, seadoo – try all watersports – lots of local tour groups have all the equipment and will take you to the best beaches.

4. Shop until you drop – tons of local artisan items…blown glass, fun t-shirts, tons of knicknacks to take home…and top of the line fashions…so many stores, so little time!

5. Sightsee! We have lots of lovely places to check out. Esturaries, cactus gardens, churches, zocolos and malecons, endless beaches. Take a booze cruise or harbour dinner cruises or evening sailing trip. Lots of glass bottom boats around the arch (el arco). Lots of people like to tour the towns of San Jose del Cabo or Todos Santos for a more authentic old style mexico experience.

6. Something different, whale watch (dec-mar), go to a bull fight, release baby turtles, smoke cuban cigars at Hemingways, try some of the best Tequilas in the region…Sammy Hagar makes his own (cabo wabo)

7. Do something crazy. Do a zip line across an arroyo, or hire a Hummer and drive it to the natural water spring pools at Santiago, take a horseback ride along the beach, or take an ultralight flight high above the shores…..

8. Check out all the fine dining restaurants around the marina for all the excellent seafood….or pull up a plastic lawn chair and try one of the many taco stands….excellent food either way!!

9. Do what the rich people do. Try golfing at some of the best resort courses in Mexico, or marlin/deep sea fishing, or try a spa treatment, or sun yourself by the pool and people watch while drinking fancy drinks.

10. Last but not least, party! You must experience the nightlife at least once while in Cabo or you will miss out. Go dance and have a good time at Giggling Marlin, El Squid Roe, Cabo Wabo or the Zoo.

Check out the website for a complete list! Have a fun and fantastic time in Cabo!

Joseph asks…

Is it safe to go on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico this spring break, in light of the drug wars and kidnapping?

Some friends and I are going on a very short 3 night cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada, Mexico and back. I have been told that right now is not a safe time to go due to a lot of political unrest, the drug wars and other conflicts going on. I have tried looking the matter up and there have been warnings from the State Department, but the violence only seems to be at Border cities like Tiajuana, Ciudad Juarez, and Nogales. I figure that Ensenada is at least a little bit into the coutry where we won’t get too much trouble but then again it is a big tourist spot. So please if anyone could give me credible links to news in the area or recent first hand experience from there, that would be great. Thanks and any info will be helpful!

Tijuana answers:

Hi! I would say you will definitely be safe in Ensenada. I’m staying here for several weeks right now, and it’s not dangerous at all – I don’t feel unsafe and all the locals I’ve talked to have confirmed this.

Of course, you have to be careful as when visiting any foreign country- don’t leave valuables in your car at plain sight, don’t wear your expensive jewelry, etc- but chances are, nothing bad will happen to you.

I would not visit Tijuana or any other border city right now, though. That’s where the trouble is. And of course, don’t buy drugs or become completely drunk.

Nancy asks…

Mexico safe to travel ?

My buddy has a beach house in between Rosarito & Ensenada. Which I have been to twice in my lifetime with great experiences. I would be lying to you if I said i was sketched out to go to Mexico right now. From what I hear its gotten even worse. We are leaving in 2 days and im almost ready to back out. Call me scared or maybe I just don’t have a good feeling about this one? what should I do ?

Tijuana answers:

Just got back from Mexico. A few cases of violence should be of no concern. Best advise as said earlier, don’t be stupid. Don’t wear expensive jewelry, don’t wear cameras and display yourself as a tourist, never show money and stay out of areas you shouldn’t be in. If you go out, get drunk and wander through the streets you are asking for trouble. The main focus of violence are people that the cartells have a beef with. Police and US government workers because the US government is funding the effort to eradicate them. I wouldn’t visit the rough cities now like Juarez or Tijuana but the more tourist areas you’ll be fine if you’re smart.

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