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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

William asks…

I’m going on a cruise to Mexico…..?

I’m going from Long Beach CA to Ensenada Mexico…..I am going to get a passport me and my wonderful husband…What else do we need ….as far as paper work and junk to make everything smother….????? Thank You….

Tijuana answers:

Kudos for getting your passport, even if technically you might have gotten along without it. A passport is good to have. And… After this cruise, who knows, you may wish to do some more traveling in the future, so getting the passport was a smart move. One less thing to worry about. You’re doing it RIGHT!

What timetraveler said is great advice. Go to the cruise line’s website and fill in everything you can ahead of time, on-line. The website should allow you print out your documents. (usually called a fun pass) When you go to check in at the terminal, present your passport, and your fun pass that you printed on-line. At check-in, they’ll open a shipboard account for you. Everything you purchase on board gets charged to this account. You may open the shipboard account by using a credit card, a debit card, or with some cruise lines, you may leave a cash deposit. If you use a debit card, keep in mind that they may place a hold on it. A credit card is the preferred method.

As the others have mentioned, no, there really isn’t much to write home about regarding Ensenada. Not a lot to see. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a great time. The ship should offer some fun things to experience, and the ocean is beautiful. Take a stroll on deck at night, under the stars.

Maria asks…

Help? Resorts in west Mexico?

Not to far from San diego, five star resorts with the beach with there. Suitable for kids pls help!!

Tijuana answers:

The biggest and glitziest resorts are not going to be close to San Diego.

If you want beach resorts that are close to San Diego, you’ll probably have to settle for smaller resorts with fewer amenities. I would recommend Ensenada — it’s a short drive south of San Diego, but beyond the crowds and grunge of Tijuana.

Search on hotels in Ensenada and you should find several to choose from. One of the nicer looking ones is the Estero Beach resort.

Good luck!

David asks…

Tijuana Mexico Anyone ?

Hey there !
In april, me and my family were planning on going to Tijuana.
Has anyone ever gone here before ?
Do you think it is suitable for a good vacation ?

Any good places to visit or any information you want to say would be nice.
Thanks !

Tijuana answers:

Go to the beaches of tijuana. They are nice rosarito is like 30 minutes away. And ensenada is like 1 hr away from tijuana. Trust me its nicer over there than tijuana is so crowded and dirty. Rosarito and ensenada are just so nice.

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