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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Jenny asks…

what is the weather like around march in Ensenada Mexico?

I want to cruise down there in early-mid March. I’m just worried that when I get down there it will be cold. Anyone know if the temperature is warm enough for a swim at the beach?

Tijuana answers:

Daytime high temperatures are generally ~20°C (68°F).
Average low temperature is ~10°C (51°F).

Monthly precipitation averages ~27 mm (~1 inch) from rainfall on six days.
Foggy conditions occur on four days.

Carol asks…

If I go to Mexico illegally?

Would they have better border patrol than the US? I really dont want to get tased I just want to buy some fireworks and taquitos and stay for like a week. Would they find someone to hope across our border to replace me? I really dont want to get replaced though!!
i meant to say hop across the border. My mexican friend said they will allow me to come in and are very friendly or is this a trap?
lol i live in southern texas and im so darn close its like walking in my own backyard so i guess ill get a passport just in case

Tijuana answers:

No special paperwork is needed to enter Mexico as long as your stay remains of a short duration (week would be fine) and you stay relatively close to the border (say within 100 miles). Otherwise it may look like you are intending to stay there on a permanent basis. Go ahead and enjoy your stay and just try to think that you’re at home and obeying the laws there. Don’t get too drunk or act beligerent or condescending to the locals. Many, many Mexican nationals can speak English somewhat because they rely on the tourist trade from the US. Buy your fireworks, but be responsible with them. Go outside of town, or to a more remote area of a beach and fire away. I’ve visited down there many times from San Diego and realy enjoyed my visits to Tiajuana and Ensenada. Good food and shot a few fireworks myself. Just don’t become an “ugly American”, act casual, don’t travel alone (same as any city here), keep your valuables safe and have a blast.

Ken asks…

what is there to do in mexico like by san diego, im 17?

Tijuana answers:


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