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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Donald asks…

Anybody ever been to Rosarito Mexico? Going there for vacation would like some advice/help?

My family and I are going there for vacation there for the first time, the only other time we’ve been to Mexico was to Ensenada but that was on a 3 night cruise. We are a family of 4 me and my sister 19 and 18 years old with are parents so were looking for activites as a family as well as activites for us

So I was just wondering a few things on Rosarito:

What are some of there main attractions/activites they have there?
What are some of the best hotels that Rosarito provides?
What are some must see places to go?
Any good resturants for breakfeast/lunch/dinner?
How’s the nightlife there?
Anything you would recommend going or seeing?

Also I was wondering usally I hear coming from Mexico back to the US its a very long wait to get back to the states but ive heard thats theres som alternate way that gets your right up close to the border, if you know of this route that would be great!!

Any other information or advice would really be appreciative to make are vacation great!!

Tijuana answers:

There’s plenty to do in Rosarito, for all kinds of people. We have marvelous golf courses and luxurious spas. Shopping is abundant, with a great variety of high-quality furniture and home accessories to colorful crafts for all budgets.

Nightlife is hopping year-round, and for those who enjoy the outdoors, Rosarito is ideal for beach and water activities, horseback riding, and much more. And don’t forget to check our calendar of events, for the festival or special activity planned for the week of your arrival.

The magic of film-making is here in Rosarito. FOX STUDIOS built one of the largest Water-front movie sets in the world, in which great screen productions as Titanic, Planet of the apes, Master and Commander and more, were shot.

They also built FOXPLORATION, a Theme Park right in the middle of the studios, so tourists, students and people from all over could enjoy the magic of the movies.
:: Nightclub directory ::

Club Phone Website
Maya 100.2255
Iggy´s 612.0537
Mango Deck 612.0537
Papas & Beer 612.0444
Rock & Roll Taco 61.6555
Iggy´s Corner 612.0537
Slice 612.0537
Macho Taco 613.0630
Club Bannanas 612.0202
Club tequila 613.0230
Tequila Safari 612.4375
Sr. Frog´s 612.4375
El Museo 612.4375
Club Boom Boom 612.3422

Activities Phone
Location webmail/e-mail

Surf lessons/Inner Reef 613.2065 km. 34
Surf lessons/ 612.0537 Beach, Rosarito Beach Hotel

Hang gliding/Aguiluchos 100.8243

Hang gliding/Avolar km. 58

Go-kart/Eurokart 613.4357

Fishing Rosarito Beach Hotel Peer

Fishing Popotla

Motocross/Cantamar Dunes

crossing back into the US try Otay Mesa crossing.

Mary asks…

Has anyone been on Royal Caribbean Cruise to Ensenda, Mexico?

What stateroom did you stay in? Did you go on the 4 day cruise?

Tijuana answers:

We have taken the Long Beach, San Diego, Catalina, Ensenada cruise on RC twice. I can’t remember the exact stateroom numbers we were in but we were on Deck 2 both times, well kinda. The second time we started on Deck 2 but then I won the Bingo Raffle Monday Night and the prize was an Upgrade to the Owners Suite. *Grins*

It would be nice to know what information you are looking for.

Mandy asks…

Need everyone’s quick opinion…Spring Break in Mexico?

My friend has a house in Ensenada, Mexico and we have a trip set up for April 16-19. We were there 2 summers ago to party for a few days. It was an awesome time and the beach there is just phenomenal. I recently brought it up to her attention the fact that things are happening in Mexico right now with the drug lords and the police force. How safe do you guys think we will be down there if we end up going this Spring Break??

Tijuana answers:

I’m in Ensenada right now. I feel safe, I haven’t seen anything to make me feel otherwise, the people I’ve talked to have confirmed this. I’m taking taxis, walking around alone, having lunch, just living life. Mexico is a BIG country, and bad stuff happening in Ciudad Juarez and Reynosa will not affect the whole country. I would steer clear of drugs though – the problems are between drug cartels and between them and the police, there’s no violence directed at civilians or tourists. And of course you have to be careful, as when visiting any new place.

Of course, you can always be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but that can happen anywhere you go.

I’d come to Ensenada. Actually, I’m already here! :o)

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