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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Helen asks…

where can i have more fun rosarito or ensenada mexico?

I’m planning to travel with my family to ensenada or rosarito but I just don’t know where i can find more fun for my kids

Tijuana answers:

Well first, Puerto Nuevo is in Rosarito Beach.

The beaches are better in Rosarito. But there are several universities in Ensenada, so some of the clubs will be more entertaining… If that is the age group you are seeking.

Both cities can be very entertaining… Just depends on your areas of interest. And many activities begin in one city and end in the other.

Check out: for an example… And there are 2 or 3 bike races from Rosarito to Ensenada every year.


I live in Rosarito, but all of Baja has a lot to offer… Enjoy it all!

Linda asks…

Can you recommend a baja California Beach town with good beaches?

Im looking to visit baja california and would like to find a quit town/city with good beaches,something similiar to san felipe or loreto-please dont say ensenada or cabo,those places are to junky and overcrowded

Tijuana answers:

Yes, in reponse to some of the other answers you have received so far, Rocky Point (AKA Puerto Penasco) is a vacation town in Baja Norte that is close to states in the Southwest that has good beaches. However, if you feel that some of the other mainstream places in Baja that you mentioned are junky, Rocky Point is much more rustic and is a very young vacation spot and has not been developed near as much as Cabo. There are some beautiful resorts on Sandy Beach, and some nice vacation home communities (Las Conchas) away from the main town. The actual town of Rocky Point where all the action is has very few paved roads and reminds me of “old mexico”. Especially in Rocky Point, you can’t even brush your teeth with the water due to the quality, and speaking of water, it’s very scarce in this town because they have very few facilities that can clean it. This has been one of the main issues for a while in developing the town to it’s full potential.

There was rumor that the past President of Mexico is supposed to dump some dollars in the town to make it a major vacation destination.

The beaches in Rocky Point are very nice, and if you visit certain times of the year, the water is crystal clear. Don’t go to RP in July/August as it is VERY hot and humid.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like going to Rocky Point because it has it’s nice beaches, but you just need to go with a mindset that it’s not Cabo San Lucas or Cancun, and you won’t have all the ammenities that those towns offer. I’m not sure where you are from, but you can’t fly into Rocky Point through commercial airlines. Most people fly to AZ/New Mexico and drive from there.

Although I have never been there, I heard that La Paz is a great alternative to Cabo San Lucas, as it is more quiet with nice beaches. Cabo Pulmo ( which is the only living reef in the Sea of Cortez, is located close to La Paz, and offers great snorkeling/diving.

I found these awesome beach pics of La Paz:

Also, here is a website on La Paz:

I’m going to Cabo next week and am thinking about doing a day trip to La Paz (2 hours away) so I can visit the beaches. They look beautiful, and I heard people are very friendly in the town.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know if you have more questions!

Donna asks…

Is it safe to go to Ensenada, Mexico on a cruise?

I am planning on going on a cruise with a group of friends and wanted to know if it was safe.

Tijuana answers:

Yes, as far as Mexico’s standards, its safe. I go down there every once in a while to visit a best friend that lives down there. Sure, there are thieves, car jackers, and muggers, but thats really no different from any other big city. I actually feel more at home there than I do in my own city. Plus, the taco’s are fantastic and there’s horseback riding on the beach for only 10 dollars.

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