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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

James asks…

What’s a nice Mexican travel destination near San Diego?

I found the perfect vacation spot to take my girlfriend to in Mexico— it’s called Yalapa and it’s a small, charming, somewhat reclusive village with beautiful nature and lots of fun stuff to do (and no hordes of drunk college kids). Unfortunately it’s near Puerto Vallarta which entails an expensive flight that’ll unload lots of CO2s.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of another vacation spot with the same rustic charm but may closer to the border. Say, around the Ensanada area? Bus accessibility is a plus.

Tijuana answers:

San Quintin which is a few hours south of Ensenada has good bus connections out of Tijuana (I would have a car) and has a huge deserted beach.

Thomas asks…

Where are really good places to spend spring break in Mexico on a budget?

We have a pretty tight budget and are driving there. so we were thinking somewhere on the western coast and not tijuana. we were looking at san carlos but theres going to be about 4 – 10 19 – 20 year olds and that seems to be more for older folks

Tijuana answers:

If your young people you will be totally bored in San Carlos, and any other city in the Baja except maybe Rosarito Beach or Ensenada, if you want to stick closer to the border. I would not suggest Tijuana at all. Just keep driving thru and don’t even stop there unless you have to. You will need to get a tourist card at Immigrations in Tijuana or Ensenada also. Make sure you all have passports and the vehicle has to be driven by the driver who’s name is on the registration. If you really want to have a good time you should go to Cabo.

William asks…

What can you tell me about Rosarita Beach?

I am planning a move to Northern Mexico, close to the border with the U.S. As an American, I would like to hear from those who have experienced living on the border, what safe yet close-to-the-border places/cities there are for Americans who don’t mind mingling with the local population…and a place with a good broadband connection (Internet).

Tijuana answers:

Living in La Mision, half way between Rosarito and Ensenada is as good as it gets. Nice neighbors, both gringos and Mexicans, getting pretty upscale pricey now. We have DSL and satellite TV, internet cafes, stores with US and other imported food products, good beef from the ranches in Sonora state, wines of the world, etc. “Mingling” with the locals is part of the cultural experiece. If that concept is distressing its better to chose a gated community or stay at home. Mexico is a wonderful country. Baja Norte doesn’t have the ancient architecture and history of the South but the heart of the Republic beats strong.

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