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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Mandy asks…

How easy to go on foot in Tijuana?

I think that it is very complicate to go in Mexico in car.
If I just wish to spend a day in Tijuana, how easy would it be to go there in foot.
I am 49, with a Canadian passeport.

Tijuana answers:

It is EXTREMELY EASY to enter on foot. You can drive or take the San Diego Trolley “Blue Line” south the the border. There are numerous cheap parking lots for $5-8. The trolley costs about $5-6 per person roundtrip and drops you about 50 feet from the border crossing bridge. You simply walk over! There are no customs when crossing to the Mexican side. Two metal turnstiles are the only things that signify your entry into Mexico. Most people walk to tourist areas such as Revolution Street, however, yellow taxis located about 100 feet after the border crossing can take you anywhere in the city for $5. These taxis are safe and reputible, most speak English, but there is always someone at the stand who is fluent in English and can direct your taxi driver.

On the way back you can walk or take a taxi back to the border “la frontera.” Crossing over is also quite simple. Do beware of long lines that can last up to an hour on Sundays. This is mostly an inconvenience due to American beaurocracy, but there are plenty of duty free shops and foodstalls along the way to help pass the time. When you arrive inside of the border checkpoint (US) Americans simply flash their driver’s license and are asked what country they are from. I went to school with many exchange students who did not have any problem returning to the US with their passport as long as they had all the proper documents. If you needed some additional document to get into the US the first time you will need it the second time!!!! Thats it… Pick up your car or take the trolley back to your destination.

Driving into Mexico is NOT ideal, but can be done fairly easily. You should buy Mexican insurance. Best purchased near the border (expect about $15 US per day). Of course the streets can be a bit crazy and have a lot more potholes than more northern parts of North America, but it is not bad. A great idea if you plan to drive farther south to the beach or Rosarito/Ensenada. Expect 1-2 hours minimum to drive back across the border on any day at almost any time (even 3AM!). Check your rental car agreement, probably doesn’t cover Mexico unless if you paid ahead of time. To use the carpool lane you need 3 people!

Definitely walk over, and definitely do it! I have been to Tijuana nearly 30 times, and loved it each time. I take my friends and family there whenever I get the chance, I don’t bother with the seedy sections, you can have plenty of fun there anyways!

Jenny asks…

What is your favorite most senic drive in the United States?

I live in the LA area but I looking for spots anywhere. Please provide as much details as possible including “don’t miss” stopping points.


Tijuana answers:

The PCH, or Highway 1, and Highway 1 in Oregon are the best scenic drives in the U.S. Drive South on Highway 1 for the best views. I enjoy stopping at lookout points along the way and taking pictures. What is really magnificent is when a new scenic vista opens up right before your eyes. It’s like magic. Highway 1 is like heaven on earth. Some great spots along the way are Seaside, OR, Florence and Lincoln City, OR, Redwood National Park, Half Moon Bay, Big Sur, San Simeon (Don’t miss touring Hearst Castle), Santa Barbara (stop at Carpenteria Beach just south of S.B. Because it has the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen), Point Mugu (great scenic lookout here), Hungtington Beach, La Jolla. If you drive into Mexico, it’s also a lovely scenic drive. I drove all the way from Tijuana to Rosarito to Ensenada. There are many spectacular lookout points here, too.

Here is a website on driving Highway 1 in CA so you can get more ideas of where to stop:

I also had the pleasure of flying between L.A. And S.F. And saw the magnficent PCH area from above. I was awestruck by the scenic beauty.

Steven asks…

Is it safe to travel to Baja California?

4 guys looking to go across and drive down the coast. understand it is not safe from the border south to Ensenada. Any thoughts on whether it is safe?

Tijuana answers:

Hola. I’m a single girl and I make this drive alone at least once a year. So, personally I think its safe. However, I cannot predict how you will conduct yourself.

This is my list that I go by to keep myself safe.
Don’t drive at night – why? Well if the farm animals don’t get ya, the cars without headlights will. Including the transport trucks that like to drive down the middle, there are no shoulders, so you can get blasted off the road if you don’t drive defensively. If you get in an accident, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Have lots of spare stuff. Some gas stations won’t have gas, some ATM’s won’t have money. It is frustrating but its mexico.

Don’t pull off on a side road to park, or to go off and find an isolate beach to hang at. That’s just asking for it. Stay on main roads and load up in large towns.

Don’t be idiots. Mexicans really hate a carload full of young guys go whipping by yelling and all drinking and being stupid. You can be dumped in a desert really easy should you piss off the wrong people.

Don’t be flashy. Driving your 100,000 car, with the rap music blaring and tons of bling will only get you trouble.

To assist foreign drivers, the mexican government has green and white tow trucks that patrol the highway and help stranded motorists for free. If you need their help, offer them a cold beer or a tip. I’ve had to use them so many times over the years it isn’t funny. The roads are pretty nasty but the Baja road is one of the best two lanes in Mexico.
Good luck!

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