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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Donna asks…

how many miles from huntintington beach california to ensenada mexico?

Tijuana answers:

150 mas or menos

David asks…

Are there acupuncture clinics in Tijuana or Rosarito Beach area?

Tijuana answers:

Just found this:

James Santi
Academia Santi —
Calle Durango 2324
(between Brasil & Columbia; 5 blocks east of Fundadores & 1 block south of Agua Caliente)
Tel. 684-3388
Cel. (664) 262-7508

originally located at:
Paseo Ensenada No. 1500-1
M-S: 11 to 6
Tel. 631-1721

If he is in the right location and definitely offers acupuncture, check out his credentials… safe.

Just found this also…might be a better option as looks like a hospital where they carry out acupuncture, alternative medicine and homeopathy:

Calle Juan Sarabia (10A) 8456
Tijuana, Mexico
phone: View Phone800-227-4458

You could also try the San Diego area over the border if you can get a visa:

Donald asks…

your favorite tropical island holiday spot?

I’m going on holidays, woohoo! i would like some ideas of nice islands to visit, so i can do a bit of research and planning. thanks

Tijuana answers:

First Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Big island, kauai. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and great surfing and diving. Hard to beat.
The beachs of mexico, from Ensenada to Cabo San lucas. Cheaper than Hawaii and you can just drive there if you want to.
Bora Bora in Tahiti, probably the most beautiful beach in the world.
Bali, Indonesia, Nusa Lembognan, etc. A bit more primitive.
The Islands of Thailand. Really nice and the price is right.

The real question here is what to you like? Do you want to party hard? Do you want to relax. Do you want crowds, no crowds or exploration. Wind surfing or diving, Surfing or to just lay on the sand and bake. All things to take into consideration.
Just do a world tour. The 50 best beachs in the world in 3 years. God would you be brown!!!

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