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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Betty asks…

Can you use a birth certificate if you are going on a cruise?

My cousins are 13 and 8 and they are coming with us on a cruise in 2 weeks. Their passports expired and my uncle,(their dad) said that they can use their birth certificate because the cruise starts in Long Beach, California, then to the Catalina Islands, to Ensenada, Mexico, back to Long Beach. Will they be ok with just their birth certificates or do they need passports?

Tijuana answers:

Make sure they are not using hospital certificates of birth- they are NOT acceptable. They can only use notarized/certified birth certificates

Sandy asks…

How much does it cost to get from Ensenada, Mexico to get to Rodsrito Beach and then to Puerto Nuevo?

what are the ways i can get there and how much will it cost?

Tijuana answers:

You can go by plane or by bus. The buses are very luxurious. You can find the web sites for ETN and Primera Plus on-line.

Carol asks…

Best place for me and my college friends to spend 3 day weekend in northern mexico?

We are driving down from California and want to have a nice three day weekend down in mexico. What’s the best place that we can have fun at for a weekend? Preferably close to the northern border to save driving time. With perhaps some beaches, bars, clubs, etc

Rosarito? Ensenada?

Input is appreciated! Thank You

Tijuana answers:

It depends what you want, but i recommend the spring break of Rosarito, its wild, and also the Discos, or you could came to Ensenada also.

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