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Ensenada Mexico Crime

Chris asks…

How safe is Southern California?

Hello im from Canada and i was just wondering is it safe in Southern California with all the gangs and stuff because im gonna be going there this summer and i want to go down to San Diego and to Tijuana is it safe along the US Mexico border ?
Thanks for every ones help

Tijuana answers:

I must agree with the others, don’t go to Tijuana. I’ve lived in SoCal for most of my life (almost 40 now) and have had many, many, many trips into Mexico and I have only spent a total of a few hours in T.J. (thats SoCal for Tijuana). Not a great place even 20 years ago. It is one of the worst parts of Mexico actually, mostly because it is the final filter for anything good or bad coming into/leaving the US from/to Mex. Look at Ciudad Juarez (south of El Paso, Texas) for another example that is even worse.
If you will not be dissuaded from going into Mexico right now, then take this advice….Keep moving through Tijuana on the Toll Road. It’ll take you about 20 minutes…and move down toward Ensenada (about 1.5 hrs south) This part of Mexico is so much nicer and has 1/10th the crime and annoyances of TJ. If you venture further south you will encounter a much more real Mexico…but as you see to get into Mexico, you have to leave the borders and spend days moving south.
One thing to mention: there is a 20th Century Fox studios on the toll road next to a little fishing cove/village called Popotla. Popotla is a charm. You can buy the freshest fish directly out of the boats that caught them, often yellowtail, fresh clam ceviche…if you wander down to the end of the dirt street to the last place on the right, get any fish you want ‘zarandiado’ style. You won’t be sorry. It’ll set you back USD10.

As for Southern California and Gangs and whatnot…dont worry. Is there crime in So Cal? YES. Do people get killed…YES. But, you will not find yourself in these places. (one of the other answers addressed this very well) They are not actually all that easy to get to. LIving here, I pass through the fringes of these places on occasion, but it’s a rare occasion. The places you’ll want to go are all pretty safe and sane. In fact, I don’t really know where an ‘out of towner’ would want to go that is even remotely dangerous or a cause for concern. I live here and have a family, and if someone comes to town and wants to go ‘all over the place’ and ‘see the sights’ there is not even one moment of worry that we’ll get into a bad situation. Not once. Seriously.
When you come here, go and see the Studios, definitely take some time to discover the beaches, believe it or not there are some amazing museums here ( Getty, LACMA, MOCA)..LA is also it’s environment…the mountains (Big Bear, Arrowhead, Santa Monica Mtns), the desert, Mojave, Palm Springs. Hollywood stuff (studios. Go see a taping of a TV show),
There’s lots of stuff to do here. LA is an outside kind of city, second only to San Diego.

Bit of a ramble, but come here and have some fun.

Paul asks…

What’s it like living in Ensanada, Mexico?

Has the crime invaded this supposedly tranquil beach resort so as to make long vacations risky?

Tijuana answers:

Puerto Vallarta is probably safer, and I hear it’s very… Diverse. 😉
You know, there’s something for everyone.

Not sure about Ensenada. Every time I hear Ensenada, I think of that Lyle Lovette song (the Road to Ensenada). And it’s kind of a downer…

Charles asks…

What stuff is there to do in Baja?

hey, so i’m in mexico right now. Rosarito, Baja to be exact. just wondering if anybody had any really good experiences in baja that they’d recommend, or any places i should check out.

I’ll probably be surfing, getting loaded, playing with fireworks and getting robbed most of the time, but i’m looking for some stuff to do to “fill that space”

Tijuana answers:

Well, you can have a good time in B.C. Norte — moreso once you get past the hustle, bustle, crime and grime of Tijuana.

A lot of Southern Californians find Ensenada to be a fun place for a weekend chill or a quick getaway. It’s cleaner, quieter, and saner than Tijuana and has some fun sights and activities. You can do whale watching or charter a fishing boat, or hang out in the bars around town.

One thing I really enjoyed in that part of Baja was driving “the backway” from Ensenada to the border crossing at Tecate. When you take that road, you run through the heart of Mexico’s “wine country” and there are some fun vineyards and wineries offering tastings and tours (there’s some wine tasting rooms in Ensenada too…but naturally without the ambience of the vineyard).

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