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Ensenada Mexico Crime

Sharon asks…

Im going on a cruise?

Im going on a cruise in oct to mexico. Is it still not very safe to travel there. My grandma who watches the news religiously thinks im crazy. Whats your opinion

Tijuana answers:

Ive been going on a cruise to ensenada as well as cabo for years and have never encountered any problems. I just recently stayed in playa del carmen ( by cozumel port) this past may at a resort for 5 days and did lots of excursions and had absolutely no problems!! Cozumel/ maya riviera is the safest part in mexico, the most crime reported is mild robberies, like purse snatching but damn that happens everyday whers I live in cali!, but it rarely happens there. The drug wars and kidnappings are typically closer to the border. So ensenada is a bit more dangerous, but the ports are usually more safer. Just read the suggestions on the U.S travel advisory site and you will be ok. Dont ever be alone, dont wear expensive jewlery, clothes, or accessories off the ship ( this targets you as ‘Rich’ and dont take all your money with you. Hide money it different areas on you, like put an extra stash in your bra lol. I have read just a few robbery incidents on cruisecritics in puerto vallarta, but again its not a common thing, and ive been doing these ports for years and never had any issues

Linda asks…

Would you travel to Mexico?

Especially if you live in Southern California: would you be interested in DRIVING to Mexico for a vacation, say to Ensenada or San Felipe?
ps the place (San Felipe) doesn’t have an airport so it’s about a 6-7 hour drive

Tijuana answers:

Travel to Mexico is fairly easy, other than customs. I would never drive, crime rate is high and its not worth the risk, or the hassle. I would travel to Mexico for sure. It’s a nice place to go for relaxation, adventure, or almost anything else. Unless you’re in for a crazy adventure, don’t drive,

Daniel asks…

Is there an increase of illegals guilty of serious crimes illegally immigrating to the U.S.?

A man suspected in the massacre of 19 men, woman and children during a Baja California drug war 10 years ago has been arrested in Los Angeles and returned to Mexico where he faces murder and other charges.

33-year-old Jesus Ruben Moncada was taken into custody Thursday night while taking out the garbage at his home in East L-A. He was allegedly a high-ranking member of the Felix Arellano drug cartel, who in 1998 helped gun down 19 people during a raid on an Ensenada ranch in search of a rival pot smuggler.

Moncada was arrested on an immigration violation Thursday, and on Friday he was handed over to 500 Mexican federal government agents massed at the Tijuana crossing, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced.

… In one of the most brutal incidents in Mexico‘s drug wars, 19 people, including children ages 1 and 2, were taken outside outside and gunned down…

Remember, this guy had no trouble living under his real name. Would you want this guy living next door to you? He was looking for a better life.

Tijuana answers:

It is estimated that 30% to 35% or more of serious crimes in the US are committed by illegal aliens. 29% of the inmates in prison (not counting immigration violations) are illegal aliens. Add to that number the ones just deported and those than ran across the border to evade arrest.
There is also the problem with criminal dumping (where a countries unwanted criminals are “exported” to the US illegally.)
Add in the fact that at some point in time they all decided to be criminals and a lot of the “lesser” crimes are just something they do: identity theft, fraud, forgery, etc.
We are not getting the cream of the crop here. Most are immoral (how many commandments do they break?) illegal invaders.

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