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Ensenada Mexico Crime

Lizzie asks…

Great destination for a family vacation?

Looking to go on a vacation in the next month or two. We are a family of 5. The kids ages are 24, 17, and me 20. So were not too young. My parents were looking at the virgin islands, dominican republic, and puerto rico. We’ve been to almost every destination in mexico, and used to own a house in Ensenada so thats pretty much off the list.
So with those three destinations in mind what would you guys reccommend? Were thinking about the beginning of july so very soon.
Were looking for nightlife as me and my sister are of age but also a great family area. We were also really looking for a ALL-INCLUSIVE but there doesnt seem to be any in Puerto Rico. With all this what would you guys say?

Tijuana answers:

Of the three choices you asked us to choose from – The Virgin Islands is the only one our family would recommend. I will recommend 4 other island destinations later. We’ve been to 14 Caribbean islands but have only taken 3 cruises. My sister’s been on 20 cruises. My sister tells me there is a very high crime rate in Puerto Rico and all should avoid that island like the plague. The DR is starting to get a higher and higher crime rate each year and is also not an advisable destination for a family. My sister and many friends of our have been to St. Thomas and they all swear it is THEE best in every way…safe…great beaches/shopping and plenty of excursions We have taken our daughter to Bermuda and St. Lucia and loved both and highly recommend both In Bermuda for an all exclusive we’d recommend one of 3 places all in Warwick Parish. Apart from the hotel’s long beaches, you can find pink-sand unoccupied beaches in that area. Stay at The Reefs, The Elbow Beach Hotel or the Pompano Beach Club. We stayed at the Pompano Beach Club and signed up for the “dine around” option – so we ate at The Reefs etc. That way you get to experience the fine dining at nearby resorts etc. There is no crime in Bermuda. We stayed at The St. Lucian in St. Lucia 3 times – we just loved it – our room had direct access to the beach. You slid the bedroom door open and stepped on the sand! Great food and great meals there in the hotel or at their “sister hotel” next door at the Royal St. Lucian. Reduit beach is the best beach on the island. I would recommend any resort in Barbados about 15 or 20 miles north of Bridgetown. Lastly, I would strongly push for Grand Cayman. The latter is expensive. $900. Flights each out of Miami and hotels are at least $400. On or near 7-Mile beach, the best beach on the island. There are 16 major hotel names along the beach…Ritz Carlton, Marriott, The Westin etc. Our recommendations are bearing n mind your interest in night life etc. All are fine in July as well.

James asks…

Why is our government doing this?? ?

U.S. Turns Over Mexican Man Wanted in 1998 Massacre,2933,409683,00.html

Sunday, August 24, 2008

LOS ANGELES — A Mexican national wanted in connection with the 1998 drug-related massacre of 19 people in the Baja California resort town of Ensenada has been captured and turned over to Mexican authorities, U.S. immigration officials said Sunday.

= = =
Of the 19 people murdered EIGHT of them were children!!
So WHY is this man being sent back to Mexico? grrrrr..

Okay, I’ll have to admit my error on this one.

The “California” part of that location really threw me. I’ve only been to California once and that was more than 40 years ago.

Thanks to those who corrected my mistake without being rude about it.

But as long as the question is still here, can anyone answer why they call it Baja California if it’s in Mexico? Why isn’t it Baja Mexico?
Thank you gatita. I’ll admit my Spanish is extremely limited. I’ve never had a reason to go to this place or even look it up on a map before. Now I guess I have even less reason. 😉

Tijuana answers:

Your only mistake was in not knowing that Baja in Spanish means low or in this case Lower California which is in Mexico. Legally speaking the U. S. Government had no choice but to return this man to Mexico which has jurisdiction over the crime. Unfortunately, he will only be sentenced to prison for these crimes since Mexico does not have the death penalty.


Lisa asks…

Criminal- and civil-liability?

I am an American living with my Mexican wife in Tijuana, Mexico, just over the border from San Diego, California. A dangerous place but a truly fascinating culture and a people that I love!
Five-and-a-half years ago, when working in San Diego CA as an engineer with a high-tech company, Bush invaded Iraq.
Shortly afterwards, the company’s manager, a rightwinger and a gun-nut (pardon me: A Second Amendment defender!) ordered all employees to pose for a group photo in front of the company building to, as he said, “show support for the troops,” and all of us to hold-up our hands, giving the two-fingered victory salute. This was just days after I started working there.
I refused to participate, being opposed to the war and being a ‘hard Leftie’ (a Marxist) in general.
The miserable a__hole told me that if I didn’t participate he would fire me immediately as I was not yet past the 90-day probation period, therefore not subject to the company grievance-procedure.
So I posed for the shot, giving ‘the finger’ instead, knowing that I would be fired for it anyway (how very mature!). And I was fired immediately.
Two days ago, while riding the San Diego city trolley back to the border to cross back into Mexico, I ran into a friend who now works for the same company. He told me that the boss drives down to Mexico every other weekend to fish in nearby Ensenada and that he always makes the drive in his brand-new S.U.V. And, that he boasts that he travels with a loaded .45 pistol under the front seat, a felony in this part of Mexico that gets one a required minimum eighteen months in prison.
I asked my friend to write-down and give to me the license number of the S.U.V. and the description of it and send it to me by e-mail, my plan being to tipoff the Mexican border guard agency (a senior-ranking official of them is my nextdoor neighbor and my wife teaches his ten year-old daughter English) so that they will be on the alert and pull the bum over after he crosses in a weekend or two.
Knowing how things work down here: He will be jailed without bail, the gun and the S.U.V. consfiscated and disappear into the ‘system’ (and American insurance policies do not pay for a car that is stolen or consfiscated in Mexico!)
And, he will not be released until he or his family pays a ‘bond’ of, at the very least, twenty-thousand dollars (or as much as they think he can pay), and after release he will be ordered to never again set foot in Mexico.
Then, I want to get the word to him that I am the one who caused the whole thing (while protecting my friend’s complicity)! If this happens as I hope, it will be a $100,000+ disaster for him.
My question for you: Is there any way that this could rebound on me legally per American criminal law? As a legal layman I assume not, as I am simply reporting a serious crime to the authorities of the country in which I live. But I want to be sure.
Could he sue me in a Californian civil court? If he can, no problem as I have absolutely nothing to attach north of the border.
Thanx for the advice!

Tijuana answers:

California would have no jurisdiction over the matter.

As long as you are giving a reliable “tip,” you are not giving a false statement.

BTW, I am not familiar with Mexican Law.

Or, maybe you should just move on with your life, as Karma can come back to haunt you.

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