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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Jenny asks…

My family and i are going on a four day cruise to Mexico, what is there to do when we go ashore?

We are going to Ensenada, Baja, and Catalina.

Tijuana answers:

The cruise to catalina and ensenada is considered a party cruise so dont miss the action on board. Catalina is a great spot sight seeing and shopping a real beach town. Ensenada is a fairly large city, but you can get aroung on foot one place not to miss is hussongs cantina a famous party place. Ensenada is great for shopping and has great food. Stick to the area around the ship which is safest.

Lisa asks…

Is there anyway to get my 2 small dogs to Oahu HI by boat from california?

2 small pugs i dont want them to fly because of breathing problems i dont care how much it costs i just want them to be comfortable and safe.

Tijuana answers:

It won’t be simple, and I hope you really don’t care about cost because it won’t be cheap either. It doesn’t look like a passenger ferry goes to Hawaii any more. Used to, stopped in 2009 according to an LA Times article. A foreign registered passenger ship, by law, can’t take passengers directly from one US port to another, so it must stop at a foreign port along the way and many of them stop somewhere in Mexico(usually Ensenada) to get around that. All the cruise lines except Norwegian run foreign registered vessels, and I can’t find any California to Hawaii cruises on Norwegian. Some freighters take passengers, but it looks like Matson Line is the only freighter line that goes to Hawaii from the west coast and they don’t take passengers. One way around it might be to take a boat from Vancouver BC but then of course you have the expense of getting there first.
I think this is a place where consulting a travel agent might really pay off. Don’t forget to check the laws for getting an animal into Hawaii. It’s rabies free and they are determined to keep it that way so the laws are stringent.

Joseph asks…

Mexico (Swine Flu) Related question about my cruise this May?

Okay, so I was planning on going on a Carnival cruise with me, my mom, dad, and sister. We were to aboard in San Diego. Then we’d go to an island called Catalina Island, and then go to Ensenada, Mexico.

I’ve been hearing that they aren’t allowing cruises to go to Mexico and they might cancel our cruise because of the Swine Flu outbreak. Is this true? I was looking so forward to it…

*Ensenada, Mexico

Tijuana answers:

Cruise ships never cancel a cruise. It cost them too much. If you read the fine print in the contract they can take you anywhere. Currently all cruises have canceled stops in Mexico. There is no telling how long that will last. Technically due to the Jones Act they must stop in a foreign country but it will probably just be a maintenance stop with no one being allowed off.

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