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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Mary asks…

Will my Verizon cellphone work on a cruise to Ensenada, Mexico?

I have a fairly new EnV phone. I know I will pay extra charges but I’m just wondering if I ca receive calls on board.
Its the Carnival Paradise luxury ship if that helps…

Tijuana answers:

In the cabin you wont have service but i think up on the top deck or on land you can get service, the only problem is the extra charges really arent worth it. Its close to around twenty dollars per minute. Your better off just waiting to talk to people until after your cruise, but have fun!

Linda asks…

Someone told me that there are cruises that never leave port, Do you know of any?

I really don’t like the whole being in the ocean experience, but I did think it would be cool to try that if it really exisited.

Tijuana answers:

You may be referring to what they call a “cruise to nowhere” (you can specifically look these up on a travel website, particularly out of east coast ports). This is where the ship goes out for at least 1 day, but doesn’t stop in any ports of call.

Cruise ships that sail out of the United States must visit a foreign port of call if they return to the United States. Or, they must not visit any ports. That is, if you take a cruise from San Diego or Long Beach to Hawaii (one way or round trip), the first stop is in Ensenada, Mexico. If you leave out of San Francisco or Seattle, the first stop is in Vancouver, BC. Then it’s on to Hawaii. On the way back, it’s the same thing – the ship must stop in a foreign country.

For Caribbean cruises, the foreign stop is usually the Bahamas. But, it can be any Caribbean country along the way.

Robert asks…

Do I need a passaport if i go on a cruise?

I live in California. The ship is going from Long Beach to San Diego, up-to Catalina Island, down to Ensenada, MX, and for last back up to Long Beach. Yes I was born here in the US. But I dont know were to go and what to do…… please help. Your help is much apreciated. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Get one!
With all the security checks nowadays its worth having.. And I think I heard a recent news report that cruising people just even into Mexico would need more than a picture ID to get back into the country.
So get to the post office tomorrow fill out the application and smile for your picture. You can ask them to expedite the order if you need it fast. They are expensive though:
Age 16 and older: The passport application fee is $67. The execution fee is $30. The total is $97 .
Under Age 16: The passport application fee is $52. The execution fee is $30. The total is $82 .

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