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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Paul asks…

My parents want to go on a cruise to Mexico, how can I convince them not to go?

We’re going to Ensenada….and they promised to stay on the boat. But I just don’t want them to go with all the stuff that goes on down there. I’ve already decided to pay my sister back for the cruise. I’m not going.

Tijuana answers:

Ridiculous! Do you avoid going to malls because of the mall shootings in the U.S.? How about schools and churches? Cruise operators are not stupid. They do not take people to dangerous areas. Just because there is drug violence in Juarez and border areas, does not mean that it occurs everywhere. The cruise will be perfectly safe. There are over one million of us Americans living all over Mexico, many in Ensenada, perfectly safely. Any crime in your city?do you stay in your house all the time, or do you live a normal life?Stop overreacting and go have a great time.

Nancy asks…

Is there still such a thing as a day cruise to Ensenada departing from San Diego, CA nowadays?

About 12 years ago, a friend of mine surprised me for my birthday with a day cruise to Ensenada departing from San Diego, CA. early in the morning and coming back close to midnight. I’m now looking for something similar and can’t seem to find anything along the lines of a day cruise or even a two day one! Are these pretty much gone?

Tijuana answers:

Yeah, they don’t do them anymore. The only one or two day cruises are the repositioning cruises as cruise lines switch from Mexico to Alaska cruises.

Jenny asks…

Cruise Changed from Mexico to Catalina Island?

My bachelor party cruise was changed from Mexico to Catalina island. Can someone fill me in on what bar we should hit while we are there. In Ensenada we most likely would be at Papas n Beer. Is there a good fun drinking bar on the island?

Tijuana answers:

I’ve never been but the cruise line should have an overview of the attractions, etc of each port they visit. Check on there first. I would also recommend visting the ensenada website.

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