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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Daniel asks…

How safe is it to debark in Ensenda, Mexico from a cruise?

We’re travelling the first week of June with five children, ages 8-17 and would like to go ashore. My ex-husband refuses to sign the waver for us to debark. Is he being paranoid? I know about the recent problems up and down Baja, but can’t find anything troubling about Ensenada at all. HELP!

Tijuana answers:

Of course Ensenada is safe. The area where you’ll be disembarking is near the main tourist area. It’s set up to cater to tourists. The city works hard to keep this area safe, clean and inviting. There are great deals to be had on silver and gold jewelry, leather goods and artist crafts. And what’s a trip to Mexico without buying a neat little blanket to take home with you?

The food is great in Ensenada, which is well known for its seafood. There are nice restaurants there on the tourist strip. If you’re feeling like grabbing more of the local flavor, head to the fish market that is right along the water, just north of the bayfront park and west of the central shopping area. There you’ll find lots of tiny little restaurants that serve awesome seafood dishes.

I’m a mom and a veteran Mexico traveler (and former resident). Ensenada is totally, totally safe and enjoyable. I took my three young nieces there, along with my young son, a couple of years ago, and they loved it. Ensenada is Mexico, but a very Americanized version of it. It’s a good first stop for someone not familiar with mainland Mexico.

Please tell your ex-husband not to pay too much attention to the scare-stories. You guys will be fine.

And geez, does everybody have to throw in the thing about the water? I mean who drinks unfiltered tap water in the U.S. Anymore either?

Linda asks…

When is the best time to take a cruise to Baja Mexico and a suggested cruise line?

I live in las vegas nevada and I have never been on a cruise and I dont know anything about ithem or what to look for, what time of year to go ? Would love to get any suggetions out there. I dont have alot of $ so if anyone knows of a not too expensive cruise line that would be good. Look forward to any suggetions or stories. Thanks

Tijuana answers:

For cheap prices go on non holiday seasons(christmass or summer holidays)and i suggest royal caribbean or carnival cruise lines

Price starts from around $350on a 3 night baja mexico cruise to ensenada

Price starts from around $400 on a 4 night baja mexico cruise to ensenada and Catinal island

go on both cruise lines website

good luke
happy trip

Charles asks…

What other cruise lines are similar to Carnival and have itineraries to Mexico?

we’ve sailed Carnival twice and taken the only good 2 cruise itineraries to Mexico they offer (4 day Catalina and Ensenada. 7 day puerto vallarta, mazatlan, cabo san lucas)

my parents will only sail to Mexico and all of Carnival’s other itineraries are to the same places we’ve already visited just in altered orders. we can’t take the 8 day from San Diego due to vacation planning

so what’s another great cruise line with cruises to Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

If they will only sail to Mexico, have you considered the other side of Mexico? Cozumel, Cancun.

Royal is similar to Carnival in terms of price. Other than that everyone is going to be more expensive. Princess and Celebrity would provide different itineraries but I wouldn’t consider them like Carnival at all.

You did not mention the 7 day Carnival Spirit # Ports of call:Cabo San Lucas, MexicoMazatlan, MexicoLa Paz, Mexico.

But really LA and San Diego have limited itineraries and the oldest ships. If they would consider another port you’d have more choices but there just aren’t that many Baja Mexico cities, especially if you are ruling out anything longer. Royal offers several great 9, 10, and 11 night cruises that go to Acapulco and Ixtapa. They also offer a great Panama Canal that mostly stops in Mexico though does add Guatamala and Costa Rico on that though those are 13 and 15 nights.

Norwegian does the same ports too but at least it would be a different ship. Princess has LA to Santa Barbara to Ensenada. Celebrity only does 13-17 night ones out of there.

But if they can’t do anything other than Under 7 days or anything other than Mexico, you’ll be doing the same Itinerary over and over until you are old enough to book your own. At least when you book your own you’ll be smart enough to not get so set in your ways you miss out on EVERYTHING other than the same couple ports.

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