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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Lizzie asks…

On your own shore excursions in ensenada mexico?

im going on the carnival paradise soon to ensenada
ive been searching excursions frm carnival but i dont see anything i like
has anyone done any excursions by themselves

also how is the water in ensenada,(beaches)
is it very cold?are there sharks? is it clean or clear?

Tijuana answers:

From what I’ve read, you don’t want to go out on your own in Ensenada. It’s supposedly not safe and there’s nothing to see – the cruises stop there to fulfill the requirement that they visit a foreign port, and they’re usually there for only a few hours.

You could go to, click on “Boards” at the top of the page, then go to “Ports of Call” to get info from experienced cruisers.

Michael asks…

Is it safe to go on a cruise to Mexico on Carnival Elation?

I want to go this summer but I’m scared of the flu outbreak/drug war. I’ve been on the Carnival Paradise to Ensenada a couple years ago and the experience was pleasant. I really enjoyed the customer service. I was wondering how is the service at Carnival Elation and what is the alcohol policy?

Tijuana answers:

As far as flu goes, you would take the same precautions you always do in winter to protect yourself from the flu. Wash your hands. Use the hand sanitizer stations when you get back on board. Wash your hands before you eat. The normal rules that you follow if you work in a large place of business. There are roughly 3,000 people on the ship with you which is a limited area.

The alcohol policy is the same on all Carnival ships. You must be 21 to drink.

Joseph asks…

I am going on a cruise in two weeks to mexico. Any sugestions of what to bring?

I just want some advise. I havent been on a cruise in 6 years. It’s carnival cruise lines, 5 days porting in cabo and ensanada. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Fanny pack, camera, money, sunscreen, 2 bathing suits, reading material, hat, warm clothes, one nice outfit, but a jacket also, with pants. It can get a little cool in the fall sometimes in Ensenada in the fall.

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