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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Maria asks…

Caribbean or Mexican cruise for family of 4?

I’ve been researching cruises lately, and I can’t seem to narrow it down to destination. We are looking to go in June 2008 and are open to Caribbean or Mexican cruises. We have two teenagers, so it must be family friendly. Any recommendations on cruise lines or specific boats? Personal experiences would be amazing. Thanks!
Which is a better value?

Tijuana answers:

Cruise lines always give their best discounts for early bookings and that means a year or so in advance. At this point if you are thinking of going in June of 2008 you will not likely find great price discounts but you may find some “deals” or specials. But one thing is for sure. Your options for a cruise go way up if you consider the Caribbean over Mexico. There are many more cruise ships going from many ports to the Caribbean. Mexico cruises leave from LA, San Diego, and Ensenada, Mexico going to 4 or 5 destinations.

I have done the Mexico cruise and also cruised all over the Caribbean and in my book the Caribbean is much much better. Better beaches and better attractions.

My recommendation is doing a Royal Caribbean cruise (or Carnival) from a Florida port (because you have 4 options there (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa, and Port Canaveral). Your options for cruises goes way up. With teenagers I suggest Royal Caribbean because they have the most on-board activities than any other cruise line, especially on their newer Freedom Class and Voyager Class ships. In addition to the teen club, called “Fuel”, they have things like the rock climbing wall, mini-golf, ice skating, roller skating, basketball/volleybally, and some other things like the Flowrider.

MY suggestion, go on the RC’s Freedom or Liberty cruise ships:;jsessionid=0000rh_9i8p3eF1PBMR86gGeLo8:12hdhu6tq?promoType=&cruiseTourOnly=false&dest=CARIB&duration=07&date=20082&port=ANY&ship=ANY&selectedCurrencyCode=USD&price=ANY&state=&x=79&y=7

I have been on many RC ships and also on the Freedom and they will have a great time on that ship or either of its twin sisters, the Liberty and Independence.

Donald asks…

Royal Caribbean Monarch of the Seas OR Carnival Ecstasy cruise?

I’ve narrowed down by cruise choices to either Royal Caribbean or Carnival, but haven’t decided on which cruise to take. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with these 2 cruises?

Tijuana answers:

I can’t say anything about Royal Caribbean, but I’ve been on Carnival Ecstasy with family and friends twice. We had a lot of fun. During days on the ship, most people spend their time sunbathing and partying on the deck. There is also a 24 hour casino once you’re in international waters.

At night, there is a club/bar that is a hit or miss. It seems like most people go the first night and they do something else the second night. There are also several shows and activities offered throughout the day so you have some choices. If you get bored, you can always chow down food (pizza and softserve ice cream available 24/7). Alcohol is expensive as expected.

The stop at Ensenada, Mexico is fun if you haven’t been there. It’s a touristy spot with cheap alcohol and interesting trinkets.

Hope this helps. Happy travels! 🙂

David asks…

I asked about taking a cruise from Calif to Hawaii. How does cost relate to flying?

I have to fly to calif I know that much. It is just that it might be a possibility to have someone join us if there was no over the ocean flying. We are looking at a regular 7 day event when we get over there. I was just wondering about cost. Cost of flying from calif-Hawaii.

Tijuana answers:

A round trip cruise on Princess from Los Angeles will cost about $1200-$1500 per person for the lowest price room for 14 days. (returns via Ensenada)

There are one way cruises but they either leave from Canada or Mexico. Due to federal law foreign flagged ships must stop in a foreign country. There are no one way trips to or from California that I know of.

Flying will cost $400-$500 per person round trip.

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