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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

Donna asks…

Do you need a passport to travel from the US into Mexico by water?

I am going on a cruise to Ensenada in November and am wondering if I need to get a passport, since I know that laws have changed.

Tijuana answers:

Technically, passports are not needed for SEA travel until an. 2008. However, some cruise lines require theri passengers to hafe passports…so it is best to call and ask them. You can see the website below for all passport info. It would be a good idea to expedite your passport application IF you do need to apply for one just to make sure you get it in less than 12 weeks.

Laura asks…

Greencard is pendin and I have advance travel parole. Can I go on a Mexican cruise?

Green-card is pending and I have my advance travel parole. Is it ok to go on a cruise to Mexico?
Is it safe to go on a 3-day Mexican cruise when my green-card is pending and I have my advance travel parole? If I get off the ship at Ensenada, will there be any problem be allowed back on the ship or even back at Long Beach? Appreciate all your answers…

Tijuana answers:

The purpose of the document it to allow your return. According to the
advance parole application instructions, if you were unlawfully in the US for more than 180 days before filing your green card application,
your departure may result in a ban of three to ten years before being
eligible for residence. In that case travel would not be recommended.

Richard asks…

how much money would it cost for five people to go on a carnival cruise to Mexico from Los Angelas?

I want to take my family on a five day cruise on carnival cruise from los angelas to Mexico. How much will it cost. I need two rooms.

Tijuana answers:

Carnival has four ships in Southern California. Two in San Diego and two in Los Angeles. The two in Los Angeles go on three and four day cruises (Carnival Paradise) to Ensenada and one week cruises to the Mexican Riviera (Carnival Paradise).

The two in San Diego do a eight night cruise to the Mexican Riviera (Carnival Spirit – different ports than the one week cruise out of LA) and four and five night cruises to Cabo (Carnival Elation).

I assume you are referring to the Carnival Elation. The cost is some what dependent on the time of year. Nonetheless, here are a few examples …

For two cabins, three in one cabin and two in the other cabin, the cost is:

On March 3 – $1915
On June 9 – $2765
On Sept 6 – $2255
On Dec 8 – $1955

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