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Ensenada Mexico Cruise

James asks…

I am going on a 5 day, 4 night cruise to Ensenada Mexico, any suggestions on what to do and…?

…not do while there?
Cruise dates 4/21/08 to 4/25/08. Will visit Catalina Island, then on to San Diego, and from there we wil go to Ensenada Mexico. I don’t know if I can spend US dollars or if I need to have pesos, I also want to know what are typical do’s and don’ts.

Tijuana answers:

Hi, we just got back from a cruise which visited the Mexican Riviera, Baja and the Sea of Cortes. We had a wonderful time! U.S. Currency is accepted everywhere, infact the vendors still prefer it over pesos. The current exchange rate is 10 pesos to the dollar, so it is esy to calculate value. Don’t wear flashy jewelry or wander off the beaten path and you’ll have a great time. Make your puchases in stores and not from street vendors. Remember to bargain, bargain, bargain. A good starting point is about 2/3rds of the asking price. Don’t go over 90% of it. If you know someone who likes to bake, pick up a large bottle of vanilla, as it’s dirt cheap in Mexico and very expensive here. Try to learn a few words of Spanish, although everyone there knows enough English to get by. Don’t drink any unbottled water (agua), but eat as much as you like. ENJOY…

Richard asks…

anyone going on a cruise april 10 to 13?

im going on carnival to ensenada mexico. leaving from LA
im going with my parents and little brother and i dont wanna be with them the whole time. so anyone around 15(younger or older) going?

Tijuana answers:

Im not but you might wanna try they have boards where you can find ppl going with you i hav met many ppl through there before my cruise. There is also a site called carnival connections you could try.

John asks…

how to get to Hawaii by boat or cruise ship?

Read some stuff about a law to where you can’t go to Hawaii by ship or boat. Is there ANY way to get to Hawaii when i decide to go with someone? Anything but a plane ride. Read some stuff about being able to but form certain areas! Please explain or give me links as to how USA people would be taken to Hawaii by boat!

Tijuana answers:

YES you can sail to and from Hawaii! The Jones Act, which is US a federal law, requires that foreign-flagged ships make at least one stop outside of the US, which is why they almost all go to Mexico for a stop — usually Ensenada. My sister and her husband sailed from LA to Honolulu, around the islands, and then from Honolulu to LA, with a one-day stop in Ensenada. They really had a great time, and were gone about 3 weeks. You can also sail just one way and fly the other, or sail both ways on different cruises and spend time in the islands on your own between cruises. There aren’t as many cruises as you will find in the Caribbean, but you WILL be able to sail to Hawaii. I suggest that you meet with a travel agent in your area who books a lot of cruises. It will cost you nothing, and you will have the benefit of professional expertise and experience to help you find and book the cruise that best meets your schedule, your budget, your preferences, and your expectations. Unlike cruise company booking agents, a travel agent represents lots of companies and will be able to match you to the right cruise for you. (Cruise company agents are good with what they do, but aren’t going to recommend that you will really prefer a competitor!) As you may be aware, each cruise company has its own “personality” in onboard atmosphere, entertainment, facilities, and amenities. What you love I might abhor, and vice versa. There IS a “right fit”, and a travel agent will help you find what you will most enjoy. Go have a blast!

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