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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Donna asks…

Hotels in Rosarito or Ensenada, Baja California Mexico?

I am planning a romantic weekend in Baja California (1-2 hour driving distance from San Diego) and would prefer to be right on the beach, particularly a beach where you can swim, sun etc. – not a rocky beach. Would prefer that hotel has secure parking, and adult clientele (i.e., not “spring break” party atmosphere). A spa on-site is added-bonus! I am looking at Hotel Calafia in Rosarito, Grand Baja Resort at Puerto Nuevo, San Nicolas Hotel in Ensenada, Rosarito Beach Hotel & Spa, Hotel Coral & Marina in Ensenada… they are the few with availability for the dates I am traveling. Has anyone been to any of these and do they fit the bill? Other suggestions? I would really like to stay at La Fonda but they don’t have 800# for US (I don’t have international dialing) and they are not responding to my e-mails. Thanks!
I am just asking if anyone knows anything about the specific hotels I mentioned… not asking anyone to call me out on my behavior or standards. Are the hotels decent or not? thanks.

Tijuana answers:

Don’t let the Baja bashers get you down. Hotel Califia is very nice, I’ve heard good reports, and the ocean views from the bar cantina are some of the best in the world…nice art gallery too. Old Rosarito Beach Hotel is right out of Key Largo, the paintings on the ceiling in the beach bar ala 20s south sea island motif, very funky. Lots the shoppping places closeby. Grand Baja Resort is very busy, Americanized, and walking distance to the Lobster Village and next door is our favorite New York Deli and internet connections at Click For a spa, I recommend the Las Rocas near Puerto Nuevo, great service, pool and jacuzzi, outdoor bar with a real grass lawn, a rarity in Baja. I think La Fonda is booked throughout the summer, (my girl friend works there) but you could try Hotel La Mision nearby. Not four star, but right on the beach with 1.50USD margaritas. Don’t pay attention to the anti- third world scaredy cats, they never have a good time anyway. Bien Viaje

William asks…

What to do in LA?Current plan:LA,vegas,yosemite=$720.Should i cancel yosemite for $266 Ensenada,Mexico cruise?

I never been on a cruise or to the carribbeans. In the future, I plan to fly to the carribbeans with my friends so we can do stuff at our own pace vs cruises where you have a set schedule. But I always wanted a cruise experience and this LA trip i am taking is with my parents & I feel like a cruise is a good activity to do with the parents.

I can choose not to go to yosemite and use the money for hotel and renting car to help pay off part of the cruise price.

Since i plan on flying to the carribbeans in the future and even though there are many different places in the carribbean, in general its similar.

i feel like i should take a cruise on the west coast so I am not always in the east coast because it is closest to me. This is an opportunity for me to take one in the west coast. But I heard the carribbean beaches are nicer than the pacific ocean ones and I am on the east coast. And i guess one can argue that I might as well take the cruise in the carribbean because its similar to the pacific ocean cruise but better. so why not pick better?

I been to yosemite on a bus tour but never really immerse myself in it with activities like hiking. I was wondering if spending 2 days in yosemite is a better choice or a cruise to ensenada mexico. the beaches there don’t look that nice. but i never been to mexico.

just want to make the best out of the trip since vacation time and money are tight.

Tijuana answers:

I’ve done the cruise to Ensenada from Long Beach/San Pedro many times. It is a total booze cruise. Because it’s so cheap there’s a lot of white trash and college aged people who do nothing but get wasted the whole time. You get to spend about eight hours in Ensenada which is not the nicest part of Mexico by far. It’s pretty dirty and touristy. As you get off the ship, tons of 2 year old homeless children accost you trying to get you to buy gum from them. It’s not exactly ‘beautiful Mexico.’ But if you like shopping and drinking cheap margaritas, you might have a blast. It’s just not really a place I’d go with my parents. I would choose Yosemite. If you want to spend money on going to Mexico, Cabo San Lucas is a better choice… As is Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa. That’s just my opinion.

If you haven’t done it, you might try going to Puerto Rico (it’s awesome and affordable but it’s on the east coast and I know you want to do west), or do an LA trip and take a day trip out to Catalina island.

John asks…

Has anyone gone horseback riding in Ensenada mexico? If so, where and how did you book it?

Tijuana answers:

I didn’t book it, actually, you may book it from your help desk in your hotel or you just go to the beach and make a direct deal with the man renting the horses (from $20 to $50 us dlls depending of the man, of the horse and how easy you are to accept the offer).

Ride safely!

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