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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Carol asks…

Pure Hawaii Cruise Availability?

I’m looking for a cruise that starts and stops in Hawaii but most of them seem to either also visit Mexico, Canada, or Tahiti and, of course, the price is then way more expensive. Why is that? and do you know of any cruise lines that don’t do that?

Tijuana answers:

Because of the Jones Act. Cruises sailing from or returning to the US must visit at least one foreign port. That’s why many Hawaiian and Alaskan cruises start or end in either Canada or Ensenada.

NCL managed to muscle through an exemption from the Jones Act and sail their “Pride of America” in Hawaii only. That ship is required to have an all-US crew/staff and has a very poor reputation for service. The cruise should be viewed as a “floating hotel” that gets you around to various islands in Hawaii, rather than a real cruise experience.

That cruise will also be expensive because you’ll have to pay airfare to/from Hawaii AND endure the very long flights [five hours from the West Coast].

Robert asks…

how clean is the water in estero beach mexico?

Tijuana answers:

The area of Estero Beach has very clean water. This is a touristy area with several resorts nearby, and none of them to my recollection have even had a faint smell of sewage much less dirty water. Usually when you hear of dirty beach water it’s more due to large cities, that in turn have a higher population, that in turn have more wastes to manage. This large amount of waste is what is hard to dilute in a short period and why sometimes bacteria alerts are initiated. Ensenada and the area of estero beach in particular has no such problem, I would comfortably swim and splash around in the waters.

Good Advice:
Despite the most likely event that the water will be fine, it’s good practice to ask the concierge at your hotel, the people who own stores near the beach, or locals as to how “ok” the water is. They may know of some reason why the beach could be potentially dirty for no reason known to you and me. Maybe it’s their “in” season and they have a huge of influx of people staying in the hotels, which in turn may increase the amount of sewage. Reasons like this or others just makes it good policy to ask if you’re curious.

Also, even though there is a small likelihood of any dirty water, it’s good practice to stay away from sewage pipes simply for the sake of common sense. It is also likely that nice resorts in the area have already removed the pipes from near their beaches.

Sandy asks…

need to know if anyone has golfed in ensenada mexico?

Tijuana answers:

I know of four main sites in that area. I think the one you are referring to may be Bajamar, on the ocean 20 minutes north of Mexico. Here is their info:

Located on the ocean 20 minutes North of Ensenada
Scottish links style course and resort hotel
Km 77 Tijuana-Ensenada toll road
Phone for hotel & golf reservations: (619) 425-0081
Holes: 27
Par: 71

another Ensenada golf course is:

Baja Country Club
Located 7 miles South of Ensenada surrounded by mountains
Km 15.25 San Carlos Canyon, Ensenada
Phone: 011-52-646-177-5523
Holes: 18
Par: 72

You can read about the other two in the article below (my info source). Have fun! I can’t imagine a more beautiful place to golf south of Pebble Beach.

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