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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Daniel asks…

Ensenada, Baja Penn. Mexico?

I am looking for info on Ensenada, any info would be great, like nice hotels, resturants, attractions that I should definatley see and if anyone has chartered a fishing trip, info about that would be very helpful. Thanks in advance

Tijuana answers:

El Rey Sol is the best first class restaurant. French Mexican, beautiful decor, outstanding food. Take money. The fish market is fun to see, great photo ops, and there are small cafes that prepare fish specialties, prices are good. Hussong’s, the funky old bar, is worth a visit. Definitely a tourist town with little architectural significance other than the Cultural Center in the south of town.

Sharon asks…

Carnival paradise cruise ship?

Have you ever been on the paradise cruise ship?

Tijuana answers:

Yes indeed. My mother and I sailed on the Carnival Paradise a few years ago. The ship had two different itineraries; Long Beach, Ensenda, then back, or a longer one that included a day at Catalina Island. (We chose the longer one)

It’s an older, and smaller ship, by today’s standards. Because of its short itineraries, this ship is ideal for those wanting a “mini-vacation” or weekend get-away. It attracts a younger crowd; college kids, young families, boy’s/girl’s night out scenarios. Some people refer to it as “The Booze Cruise”, and to a degree, they’re not entirely wrong about that.

There are several sister ships with floorplans almost identical to the Paradise. Among them are the Carinval Imagination and Fascination, both of which I’ve also sailed on.

The food on the Paradise, in my opinion, was pretty good. I wouldn’t say it compares to dining at the Plaza Hotel, but it is nice, none-the-less. They have a pretty good variety to choose from.

Entertainment isn’t great, but it’s not terrible. They usually have a comedian (sometimes more than one) who performs a family show, and then does an adult show that’s a lot raunchier. The production shows are similar to what you might see in Las Vegas, and are probably watered down a bit.

Catalina Island is a nice place, but Ensenada is kind of blah. Yes, it’s Mexico, but if it’s the only time you’ve ever been to Mexico, it could give you the wrong impression. Trust me when I say parts of Mexico are truly BEAUTIFUL. (try Cozumel, for example) Ensenada isn’t really that pretty. I would still recommend getting off the ship and looking around though.

With cruising, you usually DO get what you pay for. The longer the cruise, and the more you pay, the better your experience is likely to be. The Paradise is a pretty good cruise for the money, all things considered, which is what makes it a popular choice. My mother and I really didn’t have any complaints about the Paradise. We had an enjoyable time.

Charles asks…

how safe is mexico right now 2010?

i want to go down there and party but all my friends are like no dude its dangerous and not worth it. i went to ensenada in 2007 and they had military patrols walking around so i would guess they would have even more by now. if i were to go again i would go to ensenada or farther down because i heard it was just dangerous in tijuana and border areas.
i would plan to go to ensenada again or if anyone knows any better/safer places

Tijuana answers:

I have a house in Ensenada and me and my family go a least 2 times a years I have family in Ensenada also everything there is ok if you have nothing to do with the drug cartel your ok but TJ has a lot of kidnappings so I wouldn’t suggest going there. There is a military base on Ave. Reforma so you will see a lot of military. Stay close to La Primera if that would make you feel better Hotel El Sid is a good stay

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