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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Ken asks…

Shopping and Traveling in Ensenada ??? What are the good details? If you traveled to Ensenada Mexico where ?

Hey people- In a few weeks I’ll be heading a simple 4 day cruise to Baja California and docking in Ensenada. While my friend and I plan to see La Bufadora, I LOVE to shop and have heard that Ensenada is filled with artisans, craftsman, shops and booths with great deals.While I am interested in artwork, I would be particularly interested in purses, jewelry and accessories sold down there.
What are the price ranges ?

What / which are the stores ?

Do they accept american money? Can you bargain ? What are some “steals” that you got ? Tips for bringing it back ?
Please let me know how it is down there! tHANKS and peace to answer

Tijuana answers:

What you have heard is correct.
We sailed from Aca to San Carlos Sonora (8weeks)

I found that leather goods are a real bargain. Everything from boots to belts, you name it they have it.
Pottery is very colourful but fragile.
Blankets and towels ,also muy barata.

Starlet was her name 47ft Catalina. Lost in a storm aff the east coast of Honduras two years ago.

Bon Voyage
P.S there is a Marina at a hotel that I cant recall the gps dock at. I will see if I can locate it for you.

Mary asks…

Bachlorette Party – Weekend Getaway in Mexico?

I’m trying to find a nice hotel/spa in Rosarito/Ensenada area (or a driveable distance from San Diego) to stay at with a bunch of my girlfriends for my Bachlorette Party. I want to find something right on the beach, or really close walking distance. I’d also prefer it to be somewhat close to bars, restaurants, etc. Does anyone know any places with these qualities? Also, I’m trying to think of fun, relaxing things to do…wine tours, beach horseback riding, etc. Again, anyone know where I can look up this kind of info or have any personal recommendations? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
Wow…didn’t think I’d get that kind of response. If you don’t have any recommendations…why even bother posting a reply. Yahoo! Answers is designed to help people – “Just a Friend”…you’ve only helped me see that there are some really negative people in the world.

Have any of you even BEEN to Mexico – that’s so so so sad that you view it as “party & sex” place. There are actually wineries there, I don’t know how good they are, which is why I’m asking for recommendations!

I’ve done Vegas for a friend’s bachlorette party…& yes, it was tons of fun…but “been there done that”. I just want a relaxing event before our wedding day. That’s not boring in anyway – do people ever just relax anymore??

Also, “Just a Friend”, my fiancé & I have been together for 9 years & have been to Mexico, both to party & chill – you should worry about yourself & try to be a little more open-minded

Tijuana answers:

Stay at the Hotel Rosito Beach resort. Its on the beach. Rosito is a small community and that hotel is close to everything, shops, restaurants, bars. And I’m sure they can direct u to wine tours etc.
Have fun!! And Congratulations.

Sandra asks…

Hotels in Ensenada, MX?

Which hotel is best to make reservations at ? -and how do we get a hold of them? When I try Expedia or I only see one and the reviews are horrible. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Tijuana answers:

There you go 🙂

The prices are in pesos, not dollars.. But 1 dollar is worth around 10 pesos..

Have a great day, and i hope you have a wonderful time here in Mexico.

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