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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

John asks…

Can somebody please reccomend a hotel in Ensenada, Mexico?

I am planning to go on vacation for a few days in Ensenada with my family [of 6] and we want an affordable hotel that is nice and family friendly.
Since there are six of us, two beds would be nice.

Any reccomendations??

Thank You,

Tijuana answers:

Estero Beach Resort. It’s a 3 star hotel but it is getting great reviews. During low season rooms goes for around $90 a night. It’s clean, beautiful grounds, heated pool and located right on the beach.

Have a great vacation with your family and good luck finding the right hotel.

Laura asks…

How much will I need for a week in Ensenada Mexico?

I am going during December, my hotel is booked and I eat very little.. As in one meal a day. Also I AM going alone (:

Tijuana answers:

For me it is not how much I eat but How much I drink, (LOL) for meals 25 bucks a day average 1.25 fish tacos are good but that Lobster is good too. So average 25 bucks a day depends on how much xmas shopping you do. There are many clubs and stuff too. So to be safe bring 100 dollars per day and bring back change

BTW December is very nice in Ensenada if you like rain and clouds. It makes for some nice sunsets. Try the Hotel Las Rosas my favorite place to stay in Ensenada.

Sandy asks…

what does a dog need to pass the border?

i need to take my dog to a vet in TJ Mexico but i don’t know what he might need to pass the border on our way home. please only serious answers.

Tijuana answers:

The regulations in Mexico require that a certificate of clean health be obtained from your vet within 5 days of your arrival in Mexico. You must also have proof of a rabies vaccination within six months of transporting the dog across the border.

“If you are considering bringing your pets with you into Mexico, there are a few things to consider before crossing the border. Many people bring their pets (furry family members) back and forth across the border without incidence, but a little pre-preparation will make sure you don’t have any unforeseen problems.

Rabies Vaccination: A current vaccination certificate is the most important requirement. Vaccination against rabies is essential. You may be asked for proof of rabies vaccination on the Mexican side, or you may not. You may be asked for it by U.S. Border officials, or you may not. Avoid the risk of creating a problem – BRING PROOF OF RABIES VACCINATION.

Health Certificate: A health certificate (Certificate of Good Health) from your local veterinarian is not a bad idea either. Though not really necessary for travel within 30 miles of the US/Mexico border, it pays to keep one with you in case you run into problems in Mexico, or are questioned by U.S. Border Agents. (As of February 2005 we are attempting to obtain the official rules for bring in pets within the “Free Zone”.)

If you plan to venture further south of Ensenada Baja California, or onto mainland Mexico, a health certificate is required. Special paperwork must be filed with the Mexican Department of Agriculture for a permit to travel to the mainland with your dogs. Failure to get the needed documentation can result in a lot of unneccesary problems for your pet.

Pet Food: Be sure to bring along extra pet food, especially if your pet has specific needs or is particular about a certain brand. Larger cities will have big grocery stores (Gigante, Walmart, Sams Club) that do stock a variety of pet foods, but that may not always be the case in smaller locales. Also, if you expect to travel to more remote regions like Baja California, it’s best to have plenty on hand for the trip.

Pet Identification: Most of all, be sure your pet’s I.D. Tags are current. Although most RV parks welcome leashed pets, many hotels do not.”

– Very helpful Info here:

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