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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

William asks…

I’m travelling to Ensenada Mexico for Spring Break this year. What should I expect?

My boyfriend and I are going, and will both be 18. We are staying at the Villa Fontana Inn. But we need to know how to go across the border. I mean, we’ll be driving, but what do we especially need? Besides our birth certificates and IDs.

And how much money should we bring?
We’re trying to spend as little as possible, so any activity ideas would be appreciated as well.

We will be going April 7th-11th.
5 days, just us two most of the time.

Tijuana answers:

That hotel is a pretty decent place to stay. The police will be out in HUGE force there so don’t plan on doing anything stupid. Do NOT try to take any drugs or alcohol over the border and god help you if you have a gun. The police love to hassel you. The town is nicer then the border towns and has a great government run artists store. I bought some gorgeous stuff for just a few dollars. There is a french restaurant there whose name I forget, but everyone will know where it is if you ask for the french place. It is excellent…better then some I have been to in France. The usual advice holds: don’t drink the water (they will fill up the water bottles with tap water..I saw them do it…buy SEALED bottled water), don’t eat the fruit they sell off of the carts. Other then that..have a great time.

Lisa asks…

My boyfriend and I want to take a small, semi-local two night trip. Any ideas of where we can go?

We are from Los Angeles…

We are planning to go late August.

We were planning to go to Mexico, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get my passport in time.
I have to get a whole new one, since my old one was issued when I was a minor– It takes FOREVER.

We don’t want to go to Vegas either, we want to stay sort of local, but still get the road trip experience.

Any ideas of where to go??

Options so far are Santa Barbara and San Diego—

Just so you know, we are in our 20’s and we are very big on late-night activities….

we are not morning people at all.

so Solvang is out. (lol)

Thanks for all your help and ideas!!!!
so far, you are all retarded.

Tijuana answers:

LOL I was about to say Solvang… Its relaxing and they have good food and a casino.. But I guess you been there…
What about Palm Springs they have good night life there.. Morongo has nice clubs but down town Palm Springs the hotels are cheaper like 150 a night…
Big Bear– Kinda expensive getting a cabin would be nice take some swimming shorts cause u can go jet skiing and fishing swimming everything you want.. Snow Boarding and skiing too, If you go there eat at a Japanese restaurant right off the strip i forgot the name but its good food.. Avoid the chinease one next to it..
– You can also go to San Francisco its only about 7 hours away with no traffic and youll have a blast.. Try and take the 101 to PCH and stop by all the beach towns.. Pass by Santa Cruz and Hearst Castle..
– SD personally I don’t like the Night Life sux and everything is too expensive..

PS- You don’t need a Passport to go to Mexico.. Take your California ID and your birthday Ceritificate just in case.. Go to Rosarito or Ensenada.. Rosarito, Puerto Angel has some Lobster Tails grilled in Butter.. With some Home made flower tortillas, beans, rice and hot melted butter.. Youll orgasm and its under 20 bucks!! I am actually going right now hahah and im from the Valley..

James asks…

Advice about a day trip to Tijuana?

I’ve lived in San Diego all my life, but have never visited Mexico. One of my goals in life is to visit as many countries/states as I possibly can, and because Tijuana is only about an hour away, I figure it would be worth the trip. What have your recent experiences been like? Is it really as dangerous as the media portrays it as? What is there to do? Any other suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

You shouldn’t do this at all. If you must see mexico – fly to a safe touristy area like cabo san lubas. But if you are going to ignore this advice and go to TJ anyway – don’t go alone. In fact – don’t go with out someone who knows the area. Be with a group. Stay with the group and don’t wander off. You are right in San Diego – is there a tour you can do? There would be safety in numbers. Plus a local tour guide would best know how to keep the group out of trouble. Do not go alone!

I lived in San Diego for three years in the 90’s. I went several times to TJ. I would visit the bars or maybe spend a night in a hotel to get away from the ship. Back in the 90’s when you walked across the border you would be assaulted by peddlers and cabbies often you rides and women and anything you can think of. The charm of TJ was the many bars. But you never forgot that it was another country and that you did not want to go to a Mexican Jail. A few times I would spend a weekend in Ensenada which is about 45 minutes down the coast. Ensenada was a lot more peaceful and real than TJ – you wouldn’t get all the desperate peddlers and cabbies. You could enjoy some bars and fish market on the coast.

Mexico is doing a tail spin now. The drug cartels are asserting power over the State. In many cases they control the politicians. You would be well advised to stay away from the border. Their are lots of kidnappings and killings. You could easily be kidnapped and held for ransom. If you go – go with many people and with people that know the area and know what to do.

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