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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Lizzie asks…

Beach resort – awesome hotels – in mexico – driving distance from california?

All. Am looking for info about beach resorts or awesome hotels in baja california mexico. Want to take GF. Should be pretty classy – preferably on beach – preferably near town where we can go for excitement at night. Advice appreciated. P

Tijuana answers:

Try Puerto Peñasco is like 300 miles away, in Sonora Ensenada also or if you like to go further try Loreto in Baja but its a quite town not very much to do at night.

Donald asks…

The total list of things i need to pack for this cruise?

Im going on a cruise april 6 thru 10 to ensenada mexico and catalina island.. what should i pack.. i need like clothes and what amount.. but also other things i need. thanks

Tijuana answers:

Here are some things that you cannot pack in your carry-on bag:

– eyelash curlers
– razors (safety/disposable razors ARE allowed)
– razor blades
– nail clippers
– steel nail files
– scissors
– X-acto knives and spare blades
– ice picks
– Swiss army knives
– multi-tools
– knitting needles
– corkscrews
– sewing kits (containing sewing needles, small scissors, and pins)
– anything sharp basically

What to wear on departure day:

– long pants
– t-shirt
– sweatshirt or sweater
– lightweight waterproof coat
– socks and running shoes

What to wear onboard:

– shorts
– t-shirts
– capri pants
– jeans
– cargo or khaki pants
– running shoes
– flip flops
– sandals
When walking to the pool from your cabin or vice versa you must wear something over your bathing suit such as an oversized t-shirt and shoes.

What to wear when going ashore:

– bathing suit
– t-shirt
– shorts
– sandals
– waterproof beach bag to put your clothes in during water time
– towel (provided in your room)
– water bottle
– suntan lotion
– sunglasses
– hat
– underwater camera
– sail & sign card
– photo ID
– wallet
– small bills
– comfortable walking shoes
– small backpack

Dining Room dress code:

– you CANNOT wear shorts, t-shirts, cut-offs, tank tops, jeans, or have bare feet

Casual nights:

– sun dresses
– casual dress
– casual pants such as khakis or cargos
– skirt and top
– pants outfit

Formal nights:

– long dress
– dress pants or skirt
– nice top

For parties after dinner:

– halter top
– one-shouldered top
– “disco” top

Travel List:

– passport
– photo ID (required)
– visas, if required
– travel documents
– immunization record, if required
– travel itinerary
– airline tickets
– cruise documents (filled out ahead of time)
– cancellation/baggage/medical insurance info
– hotel confirmations
– rental car or shuttle info
– emergency travel contact phone numbers

Other Essential Items:

– prescription glasses
– wallet
– credit cards
– long-distance card
– points card
– driver’s license
– health card plus info on extended health coverage
– cash (US currency in small $1 bills)
– ATM debit card
– traveler’s checks
– lip balm
– candy and gum
– kleenex
– band aids
– sunglasses
– luggage and car keys, if required
– anything else you want to have close at hand

Carry-on Bag packing list:

– required medical/dental items (knee supports, retainer, or contact lens solution)
– water bottle filled with water (airports charge a premium for bottled water – you can bring bottled water from home and keep the plastic bottle and re-fill with free juice on board, etc.)
– change of clothes (underwear, socks, shorts, t-shirt)
– swimsuit
– swimsuit cover-up (large t-shirt)
– beach flip flops or sandals for the pool area
– pajamas
– jewelry (dont’t bring expensive items)
– toiletries
– chips, pretzels, or other snack items
– pop (cans or plastic bottles)
– magazines or other reading material
– pens (bring 2, you need to fill out tons of forms)
– paper or small lined notepad
– pack of cards
– address book
– stamps
– computer-generated business cards with name, address, and e-mail to hand out to new friends on board
– copies of prescription medication, packing list, credit card numbers, and traveler’s checks receipts

In a Camera Bag:

– camera
– film
– batteries
– extra batteries
– underwater camera (sold on ship for $26-30, cheaper to buy before you leave home)


– walkman (limit it to 2 or 3 CD’s or tapes)
– headphones
– batteries
– Gameboy (limit it to 2-3 games)
– batteries
– Shout individual wipes for spills
– breakables and gifts (on return trip)
– anything else you want to have close on hand

– tylenol or advil in original containers
– gravol, if required for motion sickness
– sea bands for sea sickness or ginger snaps, ginger ale, peppermint tea, or candies (sea sickness pills are also available on-board at Purser’s desk)
– sinus or allergy medication in original package
– halls or other cough drops
– vitamins (buy a 7-day pill conatiner and take only what you need0
– tums or rolaids
– imodium (anti-diarrhea medicine)
– small waterless hand sanitizer in a Ziploc (good for shore excursions)
– soap or facial cleanser
– hand and face lotion
– shampoo and conditioner
– deodorant
– toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss
– comb or brush
– small mouthwash
– sun screen in a Zipoc (minimum SPF 15, higher if possible)
– solarcaine or other sunburn relief
– small insect repellant in a Ziploc (non-aerosol)
– Q-tips and cotton balls
– baby powder in a Ziploc (small size)
– hair spray (non-aerosol) or hair gel in a Ziploc
– shower cap (optional)
– razor, blades, and hair remover products (non-aerosol, must be in checked luggage)
– electric razor (pack adaptor, if required)
– nail file, nail clippers, tweezers, and sma

Helen asks…

Road trips to Mexico Baja California Norte?

I am thinking of making a road trip, driving from San Diego, to a Mexico beach town in Baja California Norte. I know there are bigger beach towns like Rosarito and Ensenada – are they nice? Is there anywhere in between that is a lesser-known place to stay? I am not on a budget and would prefer to stay somewhere nice as I am planning a romantic weekend with my boyfriend. Has anyone visited and have good recommendations on where to stay?

Tijuana answers:

Los Rocas hotel just before Ensenada ..
Coral hotel and Marina in Ensenada…Make sure u stop at Calfia hotel on the way down for the margaritas and view. They are accessible from the toll road hwy 1. Check the internet on these hotels they have web sites. These places may not be in the area u want to go but if u are looking for a romantic weekend u can’t beat them

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