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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

Nancy asks…

What is the closest place in Mexico to Los Angeles, that is good for a honeymoon?

Tijuana answers:

My favorite west coast city, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) has some new destination resort hotels, but you still have to drive to Gila Bend, Az. And then turn south. When you cross the border at Lukeville, turn west and drive 100 miles, when you come to the ocean, you have arrived.

Another old but good pair of towns to go sit on the beach and drink fruit drinks is Ensenada and Rosarita Beach. Cross the border at Tijuana, turn right and stay on the freeway until you come to the town of your choice.

William asks…

How safe is Ensenada, Mexico?

I have booked a weekend cruise to stop in Ensenada. I’m a 24 year old woman who has traveled the world and am very street smart. I’m going with 3 friends, and we know not to leave each other… even to buy a drink or go to the restroom. Despite this, my Father is very wary and says to not even leave the ship!! Any thoughts or advice?

Tijuana answers:

Does your father believe all the hype he sees on TV without questioning it? If Faux News shows a body on the street in Juarez and then shows the Cancun hotel zone–this implies that there must be killings in Cancun. It IMPLIES it, but it’s not TRUE.
There are more random killings in America than in Mexico. There are not any random killing in Ensenada. It will look like this when you go:

Richard asks…

I want to take a quick trip into mexico, no more south then Ensenada. Where should I stay??

Hey there,

I am taking a quick trip into Mexico for the weekend, and I dont want to have to go much more south then Ensenada. I want to stay somewhere fun and nice!!! WHere should I stay??

Tijuana answers:

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is the most famous place in the area. It’s right on the water and is charming. It’s perfect for a quick weekend trip. There’s nightlife there in Rosarito, and lots of kitschy shopping to be done, all within walking distance of the hotel. If you’d rather be outside the main town, there’s also the Hotel Calafia. (See links below)

From Rosarito, you can drive south to Puerto Nuevo for a great lobster dinner one night; then spend a day down in Ensenada – be sure to go have a drink in the historic Hussongs cantina and then head out to dance at one of the other clubs nearby.
If you want to go further, keep driving past Ensenada and aim for lunch at La Bufadora – a pretty drive.
If the club-scene isn’t for you, then consider heading inland to take a tour of the wineries. (See link below). Some offer accomodations and nice weekend packages.

I used to live in San Diego and Mexico and have spent lots of time in the area. Have fun. Enjoy the great seafood!

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