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Ensenada Mexico Hotels

David asks…

Anyone know any nice beach towns to visit in Mexico?

Im traveling to mexico this summer and would like to go somewhere quite with good beaches-I would like to avoid all the tourist and overcrowding you see in Mazatlan,P. Vallarta.,Ensenada etc.

Tijuana answers:

Puerto Escondido would be my choice, given your preferences. There are inexpensive hotels, as well as higher-end ones, but it remains a small place. It does host an annual international surfing competition, so you might not want to be there then.

By bus or rental car, you can make trips to Manialtepec (lagoons), Puerto Angel (with Zipolite Beach, a nude beach), or Huatulco (which I don’t recommend, but it’s worth a day). All these are small places, without the atmosphere of Vallarta, Mazatlan, etc.

I’d avoid the Yucatan, Quintana Roo (unless you like pyramids),Cozumel, Isla Mujeres experience. The cruise ships all put in at Cozumel, so it’s a bit of a zoo.

Isla Mujeres was fabulous when I first went there, but that was about 1970. Next time I went, the streets were paved. The third time, it was packed with tourists. Sigh. Oh, well.

Buen viaje.

Donald asks…

I’m going on a cruise that docks in Ensenada Mexico. Any words of advice for this 1st time Mexico visitor?

What about the water situation?

Tijuana answers:

Water from there isnt good..But if your at a hotel, its different from the local water.You can brush your teeth with it but dont drink the water from there..
Also dont wear jewerly,they can snatch it from you.If your carrying a purse,and its a shoulder one pull it toward the front of you and hold onto it..For men put your wallet in your front pocket..Make sure to carry small bills if you plan on buying something from street vendor..Besides that you should be good..Have fun!!

Sandy asks…

Ensenada, Mexico trip?

My friends & I went to Ensenada, Mexico two times last year, once in February, once in August. We went with our friend who has family there, so he knew his way around & everything, even though we stayed on the same street the whole time because our hotel was walking distance from the clubs & such. We had absolutely no problem, everyone was so nice, we didn’t even see so much as one cop car the whole time, we were never in any danger, nothing. Well, now we want to go back in April for four people’s birthdays, so we’re going in a big group. We just started planning it & we’re really excited. The problem is, my friend just messaged me & said that his girlfriend just got back from Rosarita today & she told him not to go because Tijuana, Rosarita, & Ensenada all have curfews & no one’s allowed out past dark & that people are getting murdered all the time & that there’s military everywhere in the streets. But the weird thing is, I can’t find anything like that online, & my friend goes there to visit family all the time & just got back a couple weeks ago & is planning on going back next week & stuff. So I just figure he wouldn’t want to go back & would let us know if that was the case. I know that Tijuana isn’t the safest, we never stay there, all we do is switch buses there [we do NOT drive ourselves, we ride greyhound buses from San Diego to Tijuana, then Tijuana to Ensenada. We just feel safer that way!]. But I’ve never heard or seen problems in Ensenada. Please help me! We really don’t want to cancel our trip for nothing. And PLEASE only answer if you know. Don’t just guess.

Tijuana answers:

Just cross and drive in day until you pass tijuana and rosarito.

I live here in ensenada, and, here it still beeing safe, you can go out in night for dinner, dancing, etc.

Just use common sense, do not bring jewerly, a lot of cash money, expensive electronic accesories, etc.

Feel welcome when you want to come.

I strongly recomend the mardi grass, from 19-24 february.

Regards from Ensenada :p

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